Friday, September 30, 2016

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

snap my apple tree

(Sorry just realised I  hadn't set up the auto post correctly)

If you are puzzled why I haven't left a comment on your snap from last week - I'm away from cheap wifi - I'll be visiting last week's and this week's snap next week when I'm back to my normal borachband provision.

As part of my packing and preparation process I drew together this snap collection of the apple tree in my garden - when it was first in bloom in 2011 then flowering earlier this year and now the lovely fruit - hope the birds haven't got them all while I've been away.

Friday, September 23, 2016

6 words - never

Joining Miriam's lovely meme

[I used the PicsArt app on my phone for this]

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Snap women statues

Following on from my snap collection last week of women statues in Edinburgh I found another three that are accessible - although I had to research online to discover the stories behind them.

On the left - this is on the highstreet of the town where I go linedancing.  The woman is Jackie Crookston who in 1797 was shot by soldiers in a riot in the town following a protest against military conscription.  I can't find anything about why she out of the 12 was used for the statue or why this historic incident was chosen for a statue

In the middle is a statue to commemorate 'Edinburgh's opposition to apartheid in South Africa' - but there is no explanation of what that opposition was nor who this woman is

On the right is a statue that is outside a local library to commemorate the work of Helen Crummy who in the 1960s established local music and art programmes for local children after the school would not provide music lessons for her son.  The resulting community arts festival is still going strong and is copied worldwide.

I'll keep my eye out for more statues of women.

A heads up - I won't be around to see all your lovely snaps until next month.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Memorandum Monday takes flight

A big wave to you all on an autumnal Monday when everything seems to be on the move

This weekend I learnt that I find it easier to meet the 10 kg requirement than to cram everything into the case that meets the baggage measurement restrictions. 

Wishing you all a good week and an extra wave because I wont be round to see what your weekend held and I wont be here next Monday either (but I have set up snaps).

Friday, September 16, 2016

6 words twist

joining Miriam's lovely challenge to tell a story with a photo and 6 words - this week the word is 'twist'

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Snap regal statues

Recently I overheard a walking tour guide say 'Edinburgh has more statues of named animals than of named women'.  I was intrigued so checked on line and indeed while there are 3 named animals - 2 dogs and a bear (all male) the only named women are two Queens.  Having collected and shared lots of animal statues for snap sets I thought this was a good challenge to get out and about to find the statues and look for other representations of women.

After much walking and looking I realised that female figures do feature on several fountains and other decorative pieces - I managed to find one where they are wearing clothes - but not as single figure statues.  Even the two statues of Queens are rather hard to find and identify

Queen Mary (of Scots) is one of several figures on the side of the National Portrait Gallery - up at first floor level so I'd never noticed her until I went looking

Queen Victoria is on top of the National Gallery - again not a statue you tend to notice when walking past - I could only manage a silhouette.

Now my interest is roused so after some internet research I've found mention of a few more statues of women that I'll share next week.

Are there statues on women where you are?  Queen Victoria?  Anyone else?

Monday, September 12, 2016

Memorandum Monday - application of physics

Big wave to you all on a cool Monday morning (with the promise of sun tomorrow). 

I've been 'busy' this weekend becoming an armchair expert on all things Paralympics.  You know how it is when watching new sports and listening to commentary and discussion - its easy to suddenly have an opinion on
if the guide is 'pulling' their visually impaired athlete along
or on the problems on navigating a corner when running on two blades and therefore don't have knees or feet
or why running blades are longer than everyday prosthetics and why they have to change legs between the race and the medal podium
or what is meant by 'equivalent to an above the knee amputation' in the context of high jump - and even how it is possible to jump on one leg
or why the swimmers wear massive jackets to walk to the side of the pool
or how can you swim in a straight line with only one arm

if only they had used such examples when teaching physics I might have been more interested!  

I did take a break from viewing to go wild bramble (blackberry) picking - an excellent crop this year with plenty of big juicy berries.

and I realised another physics related truth - when you have to stretch to pick from a cluster of berries - best to pick the highest ones first because as you pick, the branch becomes lighter and therefore rises - just out of reach unless you move closer into the prickles!

Wishing you all a good week - I'm looking forward to plenty of wheelchair racing, the road cycling and the madness that is wheelchair rugby

Friday, September 9, 2016

6 word - more

Joining Miriam for her lovely meme

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Snap under the bridge

I was inspired by Maggie's snap set of images under bridges and thought I should make use of the 3 bridges that I pass on my regular walk along the river

The first two are through different arches on the road bridge (also know as the 'new bridge' built in 1806)
in the top one you can see the 'Roman Bridge' which is on the site of the original river crossing built by the Romans - rebuilt in 1597

the second looks along the path - that little gate leads to a community vegetable garden created on a triangle of unused land

the third is under the pedestrian only bridge and mostly shows the reflection of the bridge rather than its arch

the fourth is under the 'electric bridge' so called because it was built int eh 1960s to allow access for the large vehicles used to build the electric power station along the coast (there is a tight bend after the road bridge) - pictures of a river in town seem incomplete without an abandoned shopping trolley!

Looking forward to seeing what inspired you all this week

Monday, September 5, 2016

Memorandum Monday seasonal change

Waving to you all on a lovely autumnal feeling day and Labor Day greetings to my friends across the Atlantic.  With blackberries on the bushes, apples ripening and trees starting to change colour plus all the signs of a new University year about to start it really feels like a seasonal change is in process.

So as we ease into autumn I was pleased to discover at my crochet group on Saturday that I am not the only one who has started work on winter items (I'm not mentioning the C word here) !!  We all agreed that with plans to make several versions of an item for family or work colleagues and have them ready in time that work needed to start now.  Having broken the ice when I pulled out my hats to  work on we happily swapped ideas and images saved of possible and started projects.  One of our group happily told us we only have 16 more meetings before that C word.

I'm making these for winter wear so want them finished by the time it is cold enough to need a hat (the pattern is by the fabulous Sarah from Repeatcrafterme)

Anyone else started winter crafting?

Friday, September 2, 2016

6 word rest

Joining Miriam for her lovely meme and hoping she is getting plenty of rest as she recovers