Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Look up Look down in Leith

Since the release of the movie using Proclaimers songs, in particularly sunshine on Leith, I’ve been thinking I should visit Leith (a district of Edinburgh) for some photos.  However not much sunshine around at the moment so my up and down show the lovely mix of old and new architecture and the beauty of the river – but no sunshine


Monday, October 28, 2013


I know that some blogfriends love this season.  Sian recently blogged her love of autumn and I read her list with interest. I try to share the love vicariously but really it is not my favourite season, indeed its a contender for my least liked season.

Orange and browns are colours I love in other contexts but not enough to make this season sing for me


In a pollyanna mood I turned to a cinquain poetry form I use in workshops to express my thoughts on the season



dank, gloomy

wrapping up, making soup

I want to hibernate



How about you – is this your season of joy or hibernation?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Look up Look down when the rain stops

After hours and hours of rain the black clouds cleared and sunshine was even seen


so I put on my lovely red wellies and headed off for a walk and the compulsory boots by puddle picture – and was surprised to see my reflection in the puddle too.

Have you had the opportunity to splash in puddles recently?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mathematical crochet trees

I’ve made 2 crochet trees following the mathematical rules of halving the size repeatedly (32 stitches for 32 rows then split into 16 stitches for 16 rows then split to 8 stitches for 8 rows etc)


the one of the right uses treble stitch (double in USA crochet) and the other uses double stitch (single in USA crochet) and is amigurumi style [I know that sentence will make no sense to non crocheters]

I did the last stitches in yellow to look like blooms


They are stuffed with toy filling and stand up nicely.  I will be sending them off to the project that is collecting mathematical botanical yarn creations

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Look up Look down by the sea

On Monday I took advantage of some sunshine for a walk by the sea.  It was breezy but having lived for 5 years in the very windy Wellington (NZ) that doesn’t bother me.  What did surprise me was the noise.  Looking down onto the sand I saw lots of oyster catchers busily scurryign around for food and warning off any other birds that came near. 


overhead the gulls were screaming in their unique way.  Add the chattering of big groups of starlings, ten honking of geese and the squawks of crows and the noise was getting pretty loud.

Then in the background I could hear school rugby as I walked past the playing fields and the echo of race commentary coming from the race course on the other side of town. 

A lovely walk but not the peaceful idyll I had imagined when I set out. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hooked again

After a crochet marathon in August with my completed challenge of creating 35 squares for a charity blanket


and making chains for Miriam’s chain picture challenge, I didn’t pick up my crochet hook last month.

But now I’m hooking again thanks to Miriam (again) and an unexpected online find.

Miriam is organising a Christmas decoration swap with the option of making the decoration that you send.  I’ve signed up (you can too if you haven’t already as the closing date is 1st November). I’ve been looking through my crochet magazines for ideas and am eager to start trying some out for the swap and myself


I’ve also been creating strange shapes at the behest of Botanica Mathematica – who are collecting knitted and crocheted shapes created following mathematical rules that are found in botanical structures.  I suggest you read their website for a clearer description rather than me trying to explain it properly.  Anyway at the point when they posted some patterns I was into my crochet box for hook and wool and stopped trying to understand the mathematics.  I've created 2 shapes so far


and am making a bonsai tree. Creating these shapes are strangely addictive and I know they will not then be sitting around on my shelves as I’ll be giving them to the researchers – bonus!

And a totally different type of blogland loveliness – Patty let me know that she had used my city visit scavenger hunt on a recent trip to Florida and I really enjoyed seeing her items.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Look Up Look Down at the rules

A spot of recording the everyday for my pair this week (rather than lovely images).  On my regular walk by the river I pass a number of official notices spelling out things that are not to be done while out walking


- not that I’m tempted to do do either as I don’t have a dog and don’t go fishing. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

September numbers in 3 parts

Joining Julie again from my month in numbers and the communal count

I spent much of my month doing seasonal things with fruit


and spent a week away


Another 2 fascinating items in the communal count – how far away do I live from my 1st school


and how much milk do I consume and what does it cost.  I have to admit that I had to look on a receipt for the cost as I’ve never been one to know and always wonder why politicians are lambasted when they don’t know.

Thanks Julie for this monthly accounting

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Look Up Look Down at the firestation

It was Doors Open Day at the weekend and another invitation to nosey around buildings we don’t usually visit.

We chose

* the food depot of a charity which collects food from supermarkets that would other wise go to landfill and then distribute them to soup kitchens and hostels – very interesting to see what they do, what they are given and how efficiently they are organised

* a printmaking workshop where locals can print lithographs and screen prints – lots of creative energy

* neighbouring flats with different attic conversions – always interested in how people remodel their living space

* newly opened centre for carbon innovation – mostly they were describing the building remodelling rather than their eco work

and the firefighter museum with fire engines from the 1840s through to 1980s – lots of gleaming brass, shiny red, ladders and noisy bells being rung.  And some hats to try – I, of course, was drawn to the firechief hat


and had plenty of choice for up and down photos