Thursday, March 30, 2017

Three on Thursday calm waters

Thursday morning means I'm joining Mary-Lou in her Thursday meme taking three photos with a common theme.  My theme this week is loosely that all were taken on the same walk - on Monday - but also they are all examples of me loving how the windless day and sun and fog over the land on the horizon were combining to give a lovely almost abstract  look and good reflections

Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday mail memo

A big sunny wave to you all on a blue sky Monday morning. 

The local yarn bombers have been busy with a lovely display of flower panels for Mother's Day and they have added some new pieces to the ones they displayed last year

lovely to see lots of people stopping to look at them and take photos.

I actually received an interesting package in the mail this week

a lego like set with a  base tile that can stick to the wall and clever pieces designed to allow you to construct hooks and a small shelf and also to make pictures - as shown on the packaging.  I backed this on Kickstarter as it looks both fun and useful

Hope you all have a great week with some blue skies

Thursday, March 23, 2017

3 yellow on Thursday

I'm  joining Mary-Lou with her meme choosing three pictures with a theme.  I've noticed on my walks how yellow is the dominant colour for flowers at the moment: daffodils, gorse and the crop of rapeseed in the fields

Thanks to Mary-Lou for the prompt to keep my eyes open during the week so I can share 3 on Thursday

Monday, March 20, 2017

Memo Monday - empty benches

A big wave to you all on the spring equinox - for the next six months we have more hours of  light than dark each day - sounds good to me.

I enjoyed a full afternoon of rugby on Saturday - 3 test matches in a row with plenty of drama.  End of the 6 nations for this year so now I have to wait a few months for more test matches but I will not be totally deprived as I've discovered that many of the super rugby games from NZ are available on YouTube within a few days of being played - there really seems to be no end to the treasures available there.

Over the weekend I was looking through my photos from my NZ trip, deciding on 6 to print big for my wall.  These are 2 that I chose - I do like to take photos of empty benches with a view

both are North Island beaches with fabulous soft sand.

Wishing you all a great week.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Memorandum Monday spring is sprung

A big spring wave to you all.  On a lovely Sunday walk I was pleased to see so many signs of spring growth (and a picturesque remnant of last year) and I've noticed that the geese and swan couples on the river are staking out their nesting spaces.  Definitely feels like spring

During the week I finished the two crafting projects that I shared last Monday

a collection of flowers made with my 3D pen (it extrudes plastic that sets fast) - I just need to decide how to display them

and my crochet dragon

I'm very pleased with how the variegated yarn worked for this project.

I also made something for the first time with the tiny 1.5mm hook that Santa gave me - and 4ply cotton yarn.  I was inspired by this decorative piece as I browsed through my new magazine and made it that afternoon

that is a button in the centre - good bit of stash bashing.

Wishing you all a good week - plenty more crochet projects jostling for my attention and the weather forecast promises dry weather so I should be able to find more signs of spring.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Memoranum Monday gets crafty

An extra big wave to everyone after all those weeks away.  My sleeping patterns are back to normal although I always find my digestive system takes longer to adjust to the 12 hour time difference.

I was pleased to open up the box where I had packed away all my crafting projects before I went off - and very pleased that I had taken the time to note where I was at on the pattern for each item.  Nice to sit on the sofa in some sunshine and work on my crochet dragon

I also had a play with my 3D pen working on an idea I'd had to make a batch of basic flowers - pleased that the basic idea works and working on refinements and deciding what I'll do with them

the stone and button are there because I used them to help create the depth when I made the petals

Wishing you all a good week with time for creative endeavours

Saturday, March 4, 2017


Home again and caught up on sleep and unpacked. 

My last stop was to Hobart in Tasmania - the only Australian state I had not previously visited.  Pleased to see and smell  some familiar Australian gum trees (that smell evokes Australia for me)

The two things that I associate with Tasmania are fabulous produce and a sorry convict history and I sampled both in my short stay.

Sunday morning Hobart hosts a fabulous farmers' market where everything really is sold by the producers - I bought cherries fresh from the trees and had some local honey to take home and several tasty baked items.  I passed on the freshly bbqed octopus tentacles

I visited the site of the women convict 'factory' (what they called the places the convicts were held and put to work).  Half of all of the women convicts sent to Australia were sent to Tasmania.  The site shows the size of the yards and cells and has a growing collection of related items.  The stark walls were in total contrast to the beautiful setting and blue sky

An interesting city and very easy to navigate with its lovely harbour and grid layout.  Every day I of my visit there was a different massive cruise ship in the harbour - I've been interested on my travels to see so many cruise ships in Auckland, Wellington, Sydney and Hobart - clearly a boom industry.

and a fitting end to my travels - another wonderful sunset.