Sunday, February 26, 2017

Eagles and ferries

Flying out of Wellington airport I had one last Middle Earth treat
Smaug is behind you when you drop your bags and eagles soar over the cafe / waiting area
Just 48 hours in Sydney and I decided to take to the ferries for my full day there. I have visited several times before and been to the key attractions. For me the harbour setting is what makes Sydney unique and I like being on a boat. A day of public transport is capped at A$15 so a bargain day of enjoying the city without getting worn out.  

One more stop before I head home.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Even more relaxation

another fabulous view with my breakfast on Sunday staying with friends in their batch (holiday cottage) in the Marlborough Sounds - a short 15 minutes plane hope from Wellington. 

It rained on and off all Saturday but on Sunday the morning low cloud burnt off and the afternoon was warm enough for a leisurely swim at high tide in the bay at the bottom of the garden 
Lovely to be surrounded by native plants on all sides with plenty of birds too and the constant sound of Cicadas 

We spent the damp Saturday afternoon on some crafting as I taught my friend the traditional Maori craft of flax weaving  - lovelyto feel my physical memory kick in as I handled the flax and remembered all the steps even though I haven't done any flax weaving for over 6 years

Friday, February 17, 2017

Week in Wellington

Another fabulous view from my Wellington friends' house 
I've enjoyed the full range of weather options from clear sky sunshine to gale force winds through rain and cloudy skies.

I've enjoyed a lantern festival and meals with friends and walks along the beach

And the wonders in the Weta workshop tour - the made all the sets, costumes and props for Lord of the rings and the hobbit - amazing attention to detail and appreciation of craft 

And clothes shopping and museums and glorious sunsets 

And this delicious ice-cream 
Looks like a scoop of mud but tastes of Licorice 

A great varied week in Wellington with plans for a relaxed weekend out of town. Hope you all have a great weekend. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Around town

I've been in Auckland this week - visiting old haunts and meeting up with friends.   Lots has changed but much still the same and my memory of the geographical layout soon came back.

I enjoyed a fabulous ice-cream experience where they ask you if you how you want to feel - indulgence, refreshing, cosy etc. Then give you some flavour samples to match.  I said refreshing as it was a scorching hot afternoon. I  chose fresh strawberry with cream and a lemon sorbet. I was presented with this delightful cup
I  also had some great fresh fish and chips on the waterfront 
Now I'm in Wellington.  I  captured this view of the top of the south Island and bottom of the North Island  from the plane 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Another weekend, another beach

I  enjoyed this stunning view over the weekend visiting friends who live by the beach that featured in the movie The Piano. 

Great expanse of black sand (sore to walk on with bare feet during the day)

And glorious sunsets
And another friendly dog - Poppy was ever hopefully that someone would throw her ball

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Relaxing at Thames

I  keep being told the summer in NZ has been poorly but I continue to enjoy lovely sunshine with the only rain on the morning I was on the bus back to Auckland.

With the schools back I enjoyed a lovely paddle on a popular beach which would have been full the week before

And some fantastic vistas as we drove over the hills of  Coromandel for lunch at a mussels restaurant attached to a mussels farm  - yum.

I  was intrigued to see lots of rainbow painting around Thames  - the result of a gift of paint to local schools and community groups 

And of course I found another great spot to relax