Monday, April 26, 2010

photo a day week 16

managed to choose a photo each day as well as doing week in life – sometimes a photos that I did not use for the weeks album.

photo a day16

1. glass of New Zealand sauvignon blanc – my favourite wine

2. marking the TV programmes I want to watch – a Saturday ritual I enjoy

3. went to the zoo – loved this iguana

4. nice to see galahs and cockatoos together

5. I like working in cafes

6. shock to my morning routine – the bus stop was closed for roadworks

7. another morning shock – a parrot I had not seen before – long billed corella

Week in the life day 7

For my big picture I used the wonderful colours in the autumn leaves

day 7 big picture

From the same walk is this one of the fruitbat colony

Opportunistic for my daily self-portrait

25th April is special in Australia and New Zealand

Today (Monday) is a public holiday – in lieu of ANZAC day so I will be able to get all of the photos printed today and make a start of putting them into the album and adding some of the black and white stickers I’ve got for this project.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

chores day in week in the life

Saturday is when I do all the household chores as the photos for today illustrate

day 6 big picture

I also generally find 90 minutes for some scrapping fun

and one thing was specific to today – pink buns and tarts to raise money for breast cancer awareness (they were yum too)

Thanks for all the comments during the week.  I really appreciate them, in fact I’m going to use them on my printed page for Sunday. 

Does anyone else listen to paperclipping roundtable?  As well as the fascinating scrappie talk I’ve been intrigued to put voices to people whose words  I’ve read for over a year.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

week in the life – Friday evening

Friday during the day at work was much the same as Thursday so I concentrated on photos of the evening.

First a pair while going home – they are taken 35 minutes a part and show how fast it gets dark – sunset at 5.31 yesterday – probably the part of autumn and winter I dislike the most (along with getting up in the dark)






and then my dinner: lamb, mushrooms and potatoes in korma followed by pawpaw and walnut and apple log – all yum






Enjoying the project but glad it is just a week – kind of takes over thought processes and impacts on choices.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

week in the life - Thursday

Went to see a production of King Lear last night so did not process yesterday’s photos before going to bed.  Play was excellent – but it is a very sad play – no photos of it but have a review and ticket to include in my paper and printed bits page.

Rest of the day was at work and that is what most of the photos are about.

Walking to the bus there was incredible low light and big grey clouds – loved the colour combination – I think it would be good combo to decorate a room.

On Wednesday photos Mel asked what my breakfast is. 

The small cup at the front has nut and grain yoghurt – I’m using a cup for a bowl because the only bowls here are really big (I’m in leased accommodation so the buying choices are not mine).  The black thing if my fantastic travel coffee plunger – I always take it when I travel so I can start the day with nice coffee.  The fruit at the front is a mandarin. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week in the life - Wednesday

Today I focused on numbers in the text I wrote on the photos.  Here are three of them: breakfast, part of my walk to the bus stop, and lunch.

and my big photo for the day

day 3 big

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

getting the hang of week in the life

Today I flew to Melbourne (45 minutes) to give a presentation.  So not a routine day but the idea is to record this week, whatever happens.  Today the writing on each photo is a thought I had either at the time I took the photo or when I was looking at it and deciding which to use.  I think this works well as a way of adding context to the photos.  Here are 4 of them.

My page of bits of paper was easy today too – 2 boarding passes, the visitor sticker for the building and the bag that the coffee chocolate drops were in.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Week in life project begins

I’m following along with Ali Edwards’ week in life project this week – recording the details of life now.  I’ve decided to take 9 photos a day and to add text onto the photos in most cases.  I used the drawn boxes by Ali but changed them a bit and created both black and white versions.

I decided to have a bit of a theme for each day and to start off with I decided to set the scene of where I am – Canberra Australia.  For each day I’ll print one photo large on card – I decided to use this one of a Canberra icon

day one big

and then I have page protectors which hold 4 normal size photos and I’ll fill each side for that day.  Here are 4 of the ones I took today, with the text added.

  A photos of the newsreader on ABC news and I’ve listed the first world news item (ash stopping flights) and the first Australian story (talks on health reform between federal and state premiers)




I’ve recorded the temperatures today – minimum 9 C and maximum 25 C





I included the other big icon of Canberra – the parliament buildings.  it has grass over the roof and you can walk on it!




I’ll take a self-portrait each day.  I decided to use all that white space to record the basics on why I am in Canberra at the moment (a 3 month work contract) and that this is the longest period that I have lived in Australia.

The other 4 photos for Monday are – gum trees, parrots, lovely evening sky and a big sign saying Canberra.

Feeling good about the photos and writing on them digitally.  What I forgot about today was to collect bits of paper but I can print out stuff from the computer at work to fill the last page for Monday.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

photo a day week 15

strong autumn feel to this week’s set.  Gearing up for week in the life starting on Monday – 7-9 photos a day all week – interested to see how I find it.

photo a day 15

1. Kakuru – enjoy the brain challenged as long as I have the table of possible combinations

2. Vegetables to roast – real autumn collections

3. Walk down ‘Black Mountain’ (hill really)

4. berries in profusion on the hedges

5. Cockatoo eating nuts and cones

6. grass covered in fallen leaves

7. big shadow – on walk to work sun was directly behind me

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Photobooth fun from your own home

Remember the photobooths where you get a strip of 4 photos – great fun cramming several friends in and making funny faces?

Well there is a site that lets you create the same thing from your own home, using the webcam camera on your computer.

photocabine2It's a French site called photocabine.  The instructions are in French but if you remember the old booths its easy to follow:

1. click on the arrow to enter the booth

2.  when you are happy with lighting, pose etc press the red button and it takes 4 photos, with a flash effect

3. click on the strip of photos for options – the 1st one ’telecharger’ with the picture of the old floppy lets you save as a jpeg. 

You can have them in black and white or colour, for the authentic look – most of the strips I remember from my teens were black and white.

Great fun and lots of potential for use on pages and projects. 

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

photo a day week 14

only one taken outside this week – due to the cooling temperature I suspect.

photo a day13

1. kitchen bench (before being tidied)

2. fruit section at the supermarket – autumn with citrus and apples

3. clocks turned back an hour

4. doing a jigsaw puzzle

5. the mantra on my office whiteboard to encourage planning

6. Special Olympics torch relay passed by the office

7. that time of the month, supplies ready

Thursday, April 8, 2010

what season is it?

Even though I moved from Scotland to New Zealand 20 years ago,I still associate April with SPRING even though down here in the Southern hemisphere it is clearly AUTUMN.

I’ve been thinking this as I watched trees turn brown and kicked through leaves while eating easter eggs.  This was perfect inspiration for the weekly scrapping challenge – this week the challenge was to use yellow and as an extra challenge use elements from one kit. 

I thought this would be easy because I’ve sorted my digi elements by colour.  But I don’t have a yellow category, just orange.  So I browsed blogland and found a free digi kit which was mostly yellow from K Lund. I used a template from paislee pressplate (No 13) and a date stamp from LLL creations and here is the result.

yellow season

How much yellow do you have in your stash?

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

preparation for a week in the life project

I’ve decided to play along with Ali Edwards’  a week in the life project this year.  As far as I can tell from reading her posts and looking at some examples, the idea is to record details of daily life for a week.  Doing the project in the same week that she does it means lots of prompts and ideas from her and the online community who are also playing along.  She has chosen April 19-25.

Over the long weekend, one of my projects was to put together the basis for the album that I’m going to use.  I decided to have use plastic page protectors and to do a lot of the writing digitally ontop of the photos.

The cover is purple card and bound with black ribbon

week in life 1

For each day I will lave 4 pages.  1st an A4 photo, printed on card.  Then 4 normal size photos in pockets, perhaps journaling or something else in one of the pockets, perhaps all on a theme.

week in life 2

Then another 4 in the pockets and an A4 photocopy of emails or receipts or lists or other such things from the day.

week in life 3

To decorate it all, give me space to add bits of writing etc I bought a set of black and white stickers – because they will go with everything whatever the colours.  These came from Kikiki the Swedish stationary store.

week in life 4

Looking forward to the start of the project now.  All those empty pockets to fill!

Are you planning on doing a week in the life?  have you done it before?

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Photo a day week 13

Wow one quarter of the way through the year and have taken a photo everyday.


1. Mending the tear in my trousers

2. Turning off the lights for Earth Hour

3. Lovely colours at the Bus Depot Market

4. Watching Big Bang Theory

5. First signs of autumn

6. Binding the finished report (result of 5 weeks of work)

7. Look what appeared on my desk

Friday, April 2, 2010

I can

i ca blogn

This layout is the result of several ideas that I’ve come across in my blogging over the last week.

Subject prompted by the Designer digitals challenge in ‘all about me’ called ‘I’m so good’.  One of the layouts from the design team listed things I can do.

Template was free as part of the Designer digital template challenge – created by Katie Pertiet

Scrap weekly challenge was to use a grid and I’ve been playing with 12 x 6 pages too.

So it all came together in this layout.  Background is colour and texture from within PSE.  Fonts are Bradley Hand and Rub this.

Words on photos are: memorize things; match colours; speak in public; touch type, heal fast, linedance. 

No particular reason for this list of 6, I jotted down things that came to mind and then cut down that list to this 6 because I then had the idea of using photos of part of me related to the task.

I did try pattern paper – big dots, small dots, flowers, stripes.  But I again found the patterns distracting as the background and so went back to my normal textured solid colour.  This is the first time I’ve used digital stitching and sorry I can’t remember where I picked up this free stitching file.  I am not much more careful at recording sources of digi materials.

What things would you have on your list that you can do?

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