Friday, August 26, 2011

Summertime Scavenger Hunt–instalment 9

Two more items from the list


an artist outside of the house – as part of the Fringe Festival activity


a handwritten sign listing the items for sale at my favourite cafe.

4 items still to get and filling them will be pure chance.



And I took the photo of myself to add as the big photo in the collage, and also the title. 

Rinda – note I put the year on in the anticipation that you will repeat this exercise next year.  And how about a winter version??

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

displaying my digiart


I’d been wondering how to display my digiart pieces with the Dr Seuss quotes.  Then I received an e-mail alert of a 48 hour special on printed mugs from the online photo printer that I use (Photoshop) and I had an accidental smashing time with some of my mugs.

So I ordered 5 mugs using the images in the colours that match my decor.  The picture space is narrower than the pieces so I had to crop.  With the brown one I divided the quote across two mugs.


I’m really pleased with the mugs.  The colour and print quality is good and it is such a fun way to have my digiart displayed and used.


I will definitely be using my own art the next time I need to buy some mugs. 

Have use had any photos or art printed onto mugs?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dancing memories


We had fun on Saturday evening attending a ceilidh, with a great caller for all those who did not know the dances. After a week of watching lots of performances in the Fringe Festival it was a nice change to be participating in the entertainment.  As I went to school in Scotland, I learnt the basic dances there and the moves and rhythms came back to me easily.  My feet seem to have a good memory for dances – but some of my muscles complained they were being used in new ways!

The room was dark and people were moving fast so my photos were all blurred.  But I think they are a perfect candidate for some texture treatment – and with Kim Klassen’s theme for the week ‘back to school’ it all fell together nicely.

I used 2 texture layers – all that on multiply blending mode and canvas magic on linear dodge.  The font is boring showers.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Summertime scavenger hunt–instalment 8

I was hoping to come across this artist because I love to watch him work.


He uses spray paint, newspaper, old bowls and a blade to create amazing fantasy-scapes


The red plant on the right – the leaves were created using a sponge, the trunk was scrape with the blade to reveal earlier layers of paint and the blue plant was created using pleated newspaper.
He sells the pieces after they dry (takes over an hour, I overheard) and has a collection too.  I’m happy to donate each time I watch him create.

I’m using one of these for the graffiti art item in Rinda’s scavenger hunt – because he is creating using spray paint cans and doing it in public

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I love project runway


Journaling reads

From the very first episode of series 1, I’ve been hooked.

I love any reality show that tests a group of experts but this is my favourite in the genre.

I love the range of challenges, including wacky ones and designing for larger models

I love Tim Gunn as the mentor and his plea to ‘make it work’

I love the silhouette at the start of the runway

I love the ritual of best and worst on the stage to be quizzed by the judges.

But most of all I love the design and the creations that the designers make, under immense pressure, each week.

I was prompted to create this layout by Shimelle’s prompt to use the title ‘I love’ coinciding with me watching the current USA series.  I’ve watched the Australia series too and loved it, even without Tim Gunn.  I also incorporated Shimelle’s prompt to use a cluster of 3 similar things as embellishment.

Are you a Project Runway fan?

Credits: template Cathy Z from Design Your Life class; hearts from Anna Aspena; Scrap Sisters, R Young and Paislee Press. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

beautiful tropical beach

I’m back on the layout roll.  Creating my list for my Monday layout reminded me that I haven’t created a layout about my trip to Ille de Pines while holidaying in New Caledonia two years ago.  I used Shimelle’s sketch of the week.  I really like the 4 small photos in the strip as well as the focal photo. Pushing my normal approach by using a pattern paper as well as the textured papers and in adding the doodle like circles behind the papers.


Journaling reads
The quintessential tropical paradise beach – soft golden sand; turquoise water; safe bays and shoals of small, luminescent fish.
A 2 hours ferry ride from Noumea on the Betico means it is an easy and popular weekend day trip for locals and tourists alike.
The ship back was full of satisfied, tired, sun kissed people – and a fair bit of sand.

Credits - Date stamp – LLL creations.  Circle doodle – Kim Klassen brusht.  Word strips, perforated frames and papers from The blog train’s august bloghop – by kk simplicity paper; LollyPop Des Happyfun; ADD; jusmedigital.  Font Maiandra GD

Monday, August 15, 2011

Looking back

I’ve done plenty of digiart and photo enhancing recently but can’t remember when I last created a layout. So I took the challenge on Simple Aussie Girls to create a layout about me.  I do create lots of layouts about me but am happy to add another.  This one records my movement around the world and back over the last three decades.


Writing on photos – digitally and with pens – is rather a go to habit at the moment. 

I’d happily print out just the image with the writing (after moving the date onto the image).  I created this part first and then thought about putting it onto a more traditional layout size.  I actually did two versions (one of the many possibilities I love about digi scrapping). Do you have a preference between the versions?


Friday, August 12, 2011

Summertime scavenger hunt–the unicycle instalment

I said last week that I was hopeful of getting my unicycle shot now that the Fringe Festival had started in Edinburgh – and the first street entertainer who I saw on Saturday was indeed including a unicycle in his piece


I snapped a few more from the list too – I’ll share them over the next 2 weeks

Thanks to Rinda for the scavenger hunt and inspiration to hunt out happenings this summer.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dr Seuss quotes–the full set

The fabulous colour challenge is at its end, with an invitation to display the full set of pieces.  Head over to Twinkle, Twinkle to see what others have created – a wonderful, diverse collection.

I’ve really enjoyed creating these pieces.  I’m glad I decided on a theme at the start – including favourite Dr Seuss quotes and playing with the digiart potential inside PSE.  I have learnt new techniques.  More importantly I learnt to go further, to add more, to create several elements and then stack them up, to not stop the first time that I reach a stage that I find pleasing.  The change happened on the yellow week when I created the ‘copper’ piece separately.  I’ve printed them all as 5 x 7 with a white border so I don’t lose anything in the printing process.  I will stick them back tot back and put on jump rings.  I think I will create a cover in black and white and copy all the descriptions from the blog posts on the inside cover.

For now here is the full set. Do you have a favourite – quote or overall piece?









Monday, August 8, 2011

summer treat


One of my summer treats is enjoying a coffee outside, by the beach – check out lots of other photos of summer treats at the Crazy days of summer.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Summertime scavenger hunt–instalment 6

Staying vigilant for the remaining items on the list, I spotted two more

A glass building – this is the extension to one of the theatres


and some garden ornaments – the alternative to a decorated mailbox – seen in a DIY store


The Edinburgh Fringe Festival starts next week so hoping to find a unicyclist and a pirate there, maybe one of them will be staging a political protest, or carrying a beehive ?!.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I’ve become an abstract artist

with my camera !!  Went for a walk on the beach after ice-cream yesterday evening when the light was doing that amazing thing it does at dusk and the sky looked so big and the sea was smooth and the vista was shades of grey and blue. 
These are the kind of abstract work I’d like to paint.
I didn’t do anything to them digitally (for a change).
I must remember to walk in the evening more often to make use of the amazing light

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh the places you’ll go


So sad that this is the last colour in the colour challenge at Twinkle Twinkle – I’ve relished my weekly play with digi techniques and looking at the wonderful range of creativity from others who participated.

I saved my favourite Dr Seuss quote for last – from Oh the Places You’ll Go – which I think should be given to everyone at each turning point or crossroads or down point in their lives – so pretty much everyone, all the time should have at least one on their shelf.  I know at least one of you reading this has several.

So this week I decided to bar myself from using bevel as I have used that effect so much.  Here I started with a photo or orange flowers from my garden and then applied several image altering and filter techniques.  The one that gives the honeycomb lines is stained glass texture and I’ll be using it again.  The fonts are travelling typewriter and Matisse for the highlighted words.

Now I need to find or invent a new theme for a weekly play with digiart.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

salvaging some snaps

It was actually sunny last week, so sunny that I could not see the image on the back of my camera. So I just pointed it in the right direction and clicked several times in the hope that when I got them on the computer I would be able to salvage some nice images with judicious cropping and perhaps some textures.


I used some textures to lighten up the shadows around the wall – Kim Kalssen’s ‘not too shabby’ on overlay blending mode and then her ‘luminous’ on multiply blending mode. 

I think it gives a hazy beach effect that I really like.


The interesting composition is because my ‘point in the right direction’ was a bit off and I only just got my sister in the frame.  I added Kim’s dream texture on overlay and then colour burn blending modes. 

I really like that the words in the texture show on the wall – as if there was graffiti there.  I removed the texture from my sister but nothing else.  I like this as a subtle texturising.

On Texture Tuesday this week we were free to texturise as we wanted – check out what others have been up to here.