Friday, August 31, 2012

Counting August

As its the end of the month I have another summary in numbers for inclusion in my Project Life album. Thanks to Julie for creating this monthly ritual and linking up all of us who love to count things.


I’m liking the prominence of hounds tooth pattern in clothes and decor for the coming autumn/winter season.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

photo scavenger hunt clothesline

The second item on Rinda’s summertime photo scavenger hunt list is a clothesline.  Early on I took a photo of the one in my garden covered in raindrops


but then on a walk I saw a more interesting clothesline and decided to use this for my hunt collection.  These are a row of houses near where I live with pulley lines for the people in the upper flats – I love how practical they are.  The poles in the grass in front are for more, communal clothesline on the green – sometimes I see travellers hanging their blankets on these lines – I love the idea of community clothes lines.


Friday, August 24, 2012


On my walk by the river today I decided to pick a colour for a photowalk – I chose yellow and was delighted at how much I found, both in plants and manufactured objects.  Putting them together in the collage I was intrigued by the range of yellows that I’d collected. 


I think I’ll do this again with other colours over coming weeks.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Linking up with Kim’s Texture Tuesday where we were invited to use one of her free textures called dream it.


I took this photo at the cafe by the beach a few weeks ago as the fog was rolling in off the sea in the background – the texture I think makes it even more dream like.

I used 2 layers of the texture, 1st is vivid light at 50% and the 2nd uses darken at 31%

Friday, August 17, 2012


sometimes the light is so fabulous that no editing is needed


and sometimes a sailing boat is in just the right place to add that special something to the beautiful light on the water


and sometimes I’m actually there with my camera to capture it all.  Must remember to go for more evening walks.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

confessions of a photo hunter

I found the elusive photo of a bride, but, in order to snap it I stalked a wedding !!! 

I was in town, fairly near the registrar’s office when i noticed a group of people walking that way dressed posh, so I though they might be wedding guests.  So I casually walked in their direction and sure enough they were met outside the building by two men and a boy in full formal kilt outfits with heather pinned to the jacket.  I didn’t take any photos as I was still in stalking mode.

Soon a taxi drew up and 3 women in evening dress, carrying flowers got out and I was sure I was about to find a bride.  Sure enough the next car to pull up had this lady inside.  I quickly clicked 2 photos then disappeared back into the crowd.


Item 16, a bride ticked off.  Now not sure who to stalk to find an angel !

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

photo scavenger hunt visits some festivals

One of the things I love about Edinburgh is the range of festivals over the summer.  i love them for the buzz and energy and also for the photo opportunities.  I love them even more this year for supplying 3 items on Rinda’s summer photo scavenger hunt list.

The Fringe festival takes over a street in town and is filled with buskers, people in costume and some stalls selling lovely craft items (item 4).  I’m always fascinated by people who make fabulous creations from balloons


At the start of the Jazz and Blues festival there was a carnival in the middle of town which included people dancing (item 15)


And my local ‘Honest Toun’ festival week involves lots of horse riding, which means a horse (item 10)


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Photo scavenger hunt halftime linkup

Rinda suggested a halftime link up for photo scavenger hunters.  I’m enjoying seeing the different images people have for each item as well as hunting for my own items.

When I first saw the list there were 3 that I thought would be hardest because I don’t know where to find them and have to rely on keeping my eyes open and camera to hand.  

#8 a person dresses as an angel or a statue of an angel.  Angels are not seen on gravestones and churches around here – I’m thinking because of the Calvinistic church history of Scotland and its preference for plain and practical. 

#16 a bride.  I need to start hanging out near wedding venues on a Saturday

# 20 a swing hanging from a tree (or a hammock).  Even during a sunny summer I wouldn’t expect to see these around town.

Rinda nicely offered the chance to substitute an item this year with a photo of a heart shaped stone or a four leaved clover.  Earlier this month I spent a walk along the beach studying the stones instead of the view and did find a heart shaped stone


I think I’ll use it for #20.

Which leaves me struggling for a bride and an angel – and I don’t think I’ll get away with rearranging the letters!



Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July & al that jazz

Another month captured in numbers for my Project Life album – I’ll cut it in half and place in 2 of the smaller pockets.


When I noticed I have 3 items with number ‘2’ I decided to separate them out and play with the layering of ‘two’, which I’d seen on a layout a while ago and had been wanting to use on something. 

Thanks again to Julie Kirk for prompting us to record each month in numbers and share them in blogland.