Friday, July 29, 2016

6 word autumn

Joining Miriam for her lovely meme with the theme this week of 'autumn'

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Snap bicycles

Two weeks ago I shared images from the museum's new fashion gallery.  When I was walking into the museum I spotted one of the posters for the new galleries which features a huge bicycle leaning against a wall and took a picture for the summer scavenger hunt item 10 - a bicycle.  Then when I was looking at the new science area I noticed a wall of bicycles so went to investigate the display which has examples from the penny farthing through to modern racing bikes.  I was also interested to see an exhibition on wheelchairs which also had a racing chair/bike.  So here is my snap collection, linking with the scavenger hunt

wondering what you will be sharing this week - always interesting

Monday, July 25, 2016

Memorandum Monday mid July

Waving to you all on a breezy morning. 

Lots of considering the old this weekend as I've been sorting through some accumulations of stuff, some of which I put into a box when I unpacked 5 and a half years ago and haven't looked at since. 

Some new too with a visit to the garden centre for some nice potted colour for the garden and a new, person powered, lawn mower for my very small lawn - I need the grass to dry before I can make the inaugural cut

And another new for Friday lunch when I returned to the street food market - this time I chose a Latin American stall where they were cooking cornbread on the griddle which they then split and filled - I had pulled beef, black beans and avocado sauce - yummy. and I remembered to take a picture before sampling!

Wishing you all a good week - I'm off for a walk in the hope that I manage to get back before the forecast  rain showers arrive

Friday, July 22, 2016

6 word colour

joining Miriam in her lovely weekly meme

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Jazzy snap

a collection of images from the free jazz that I enjoyed on Saturday

There were 4 performance areas with different styles of jazz in each - unfortunately the amplification on the big stage meant their beat became a background for all other performers - must be very annoying for artists who have a softer sound.  I particularly enjoyed the energy of the guys in kilts.  Plenty of toe tapping and swinging to the music and I had a particularly delicious peach melba icecream.

Clearly some of the neighbours are not so delighted by the regular events that take place here - that yellow notice in the window reads 'no to noise' - really I think that anyone buying a property there should be aware of how the market space is used during the year - I noticed that in most other residences they had the window open and some were leaning out for a good view.

Thank you to everyone sharing their snap sets

Monday, July 18, 2016

Memorandum Monday with berries

A big wave to you all as another Monday rolls around.  Looking out of the window I'm catching some glimpses of blye sky amongst the clouds - there is promise of lots of sun this afternoon.

I picked my first bowl of raspberries from my garden for this year

and yes a few strawberries too - they were delicious and plenty more ripening.  I've also been picking rocket, baby kale leaves, sorrel, mint and chives from my garden to enliven my salad most lunchtimes - I like going out to pick a few leaves of each to make up a bowlfull.

Plenty more 'first this year' to come as Edinburgh heads into Festival season - over the weekend I enjoyed some free jazz (photos for snap on Wednesday) and cultural group performances (photo on Friday) and I'll be going to more jazz during the week - just as I have this week for the past 5 years.

Hoping your week contains sunshine and toe tapping

Friday, July 15, 2016

6 words - joy

another photo from the new museum exhibits for Miriam's weekly meme this week the theme is joy

(and yes I did capture the bicycles for the scavenger hunt)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Snap at the museum

The big museum has just opened 10 more refurbished galleries and one of them features clothes so I had to go along to look - clothes are a favourite of mine in museums.  Here is a small taster

I loved the purple jacket - for its shape and colour but also that it was dyed with the original synthetic purple dye - the museum staff examined the chemical makeup of all their purple garments from the relevant time to find one with the correct chemical signature.  Before the discovery of the synthetic purple it was a very expensive dye - it was discovered by a chemist searching for a cure for malaria.

I liked that they have some male fashion as well as female and I was drawn to this modern piece playing with fabrics

The exhibition had a good mix of old and more recent.  I was intrigued by a section showing the undergarments that were worn in the past to create different shapes - such as the bustle

There are fabulous displays of jewellery, shoes and hats - this creation looked stunning although I think it would be hard to wear for more than a few minutes

Looking forward to seeing what has caught your eye this week

Monday, July 11, 2016

Memorandum Monday explores

A big wave to you all on another overcast / might rain Monday morning. 

I'm extending 'weekend' to include Friday lunchtime so that I can share my visit to a new lunch venue

a friend was telling me that she had seen notices about a street food market every Friday so as it was not raining on Friday we went along to have a look.  There were 9 stalls selling food, many of them in their own vans, with lots of tempting offers such as pizza made to order; crepes; Mexican wraps; spicy curries. 

I chose the shrimpwreck stall and had shrimp bun - tempura battered shrimp (prawns I would have called them) in a bun with chili mayo and salad - delicious.  My friend had Thai green curry.  Sorry we had eaten them and were wiping our mouths with satisfaction before I thought I should have taken a picture of the food - I'll try to remember next time.  Because yes I will be going again - there were other stalls I wanted to try and the mix of stalls changes each week.

For those of you with Edinburgh connections - the market is in Fountainbridge and you can find details here

Wishing you all a good week with some sunshine

Friday, July 8, 2016

6 word summer

Joining Miriam and her lovely challenge to tell a story with a photo and 5 words - this week the prompt is summer

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Snap lions

Back to Budapest for my snap set this week with 4 of the many lion statues to be found around the city.

The two on the left are on either side of an entrance to the Parliament building - if you look closely you can see that a different clay finish was used in creating the casting model for each - the bottom one is smooth but on the top one you can see how the pieces of clay were laid on - I wonder if this was intentional or if something stopped the top one from being finished.

The back of the lion is from a statue on one of the bridges across the Danube - the front faces towards the presidential palace but I liked the flow of the tail and the behind view

The fourth is on top of a tall tower near Parliament - it is fighting the snake that is wound around its body.

Fascinating to see so many different images of the one animal.

We are half way through the year of snap sets - loving all the themes and new ideas

Monday, July 4, 2016

Memorandum Monday - minimalist

I can't think of anything new that I did or learnt over the weekend - even the (unsuccessful) resolve to make sure I have something new to share is not new. 

So just a wave to everyone and wishes for a good week

and a photo taken 10 years ago when I lived in Wellington, New Zealand in a house up the hill so that on foggy mornings I looked out over the top of the cloud and had to walk down into it on the way to work

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Scavenger Hunt in June

Thanks to Rinda for another fun list of items to find over the summer

I took advantage of some sunny days at the start of the month to capture some beach items
footprints for item 2

 and item 9 someone playing near water

My holiday in Ullapool  was a good source for some more items

after searching the pebble beach I found some hearts for item 1 - natural heart

shopping for the whole group provided a good trolley full of groceries for item 18 and a wider range of items than you'd see if I'd used my normal shopping trolley

I loved all the colour in the window of this shop selling knitted items and thought her slogan a good one for all of us crafters - I'm using this for item 12 a window

 on a boat trip I spotted a lighthouse which is one of the alternate items

I think the moon will be one of my hardest given how much cloud cover we've had recently and I need to come up with a good idea for twins.

Friday, July 1, 2016

6 words hope

Joining Miriam's lovely weekly challenge to tell a story with a photo and 6 words - this week the theme is hope

and I hope Miriam is feeling better this week