Saturday, July 31, 2010

normal service has been resumed

I have the lovely black box with flashing lights – my wifi hub so I am connected to the world again – yeah.

Two weeks of photo a day to catch up on

photo a day29

1. ducks on the river, bottoms up

2. putting up lining paper

3. view of the back garden

4. new raincoat

5. ‘housewarming’ herb set

6. planning kitchen layout on the walls

7. removing old tiles


and the week just been – a nice mix of outings, decorating and the local festival

photo a day30

1. one of the Jenke mounds at Jupiter Artland

2. on a photowalk – a close off the Royal Mile

3. painting the skirting board

4. festival rideout goes down my street

5. love the Dulux colour wall

6. icecream at S Luca

7. birthday celebrations for my sister and nephew

Monday, July 19, 2010

photo a day catchup

I'm in my new flat and do not have internet yet so access has been limited and I've only just managed to complete registration at the library where I can upload pictures etc.  Here are the last 2 weeks of photo a day collages
1. doing chauffer duties

2. finally caught one of the young squirrels with my camera

3. ‘robbie’ at work cleaning the floor

4. bees pollinating tomatoes

5. zentangles

6. I have the keys to my flat

7. IKEA flatpack components

1. stripping wallpaper

2. studying the Edinburgh festival programmes

3. seagulls are my new raucous birds

4. ‘embellishments’ for my walls (shelf brackets)

5. Dad dismantling the old kitchen

6. Mum in her new armchair (sorting blackcurrants)

7. Joined my local library

Normal services should be resumed on 26th when I will also be able to visit all my blog friends too. trust you ar all having a good July

Sunday, July 4, 2010

photo a day – halfway through

This is week 26 so halfway through the year.  Thinking about the daily photo is a real habit now and not a chore.

photo a day26

1. doing my evening check of email and blogs in the conservatory

2. what I’m reading at the moment

3. wonderful roses in the garden

4. rain – after three dry weeks

5. fishy platter for Dad’s birthday celebration

6. buying tools ready for house decorating

7. Big Brother is nightly viewing

Saturday, July 3, 2010

living room colours

My thinking for the colour scheme in my new living room also uses a piece of fabric as the starting inspiration. 

I like the warm and muted feel to these colours.  They are basically versions of an analogous strong – green, yellow, orange, red – but all soft and muted or greyed versions.  Not sure which colours I will put where.

I have some fabrics I bought in New Zealand before i left to use for napkins etc

early 010

I think they will fit in well, because my table will be in the living room.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

2011 album

yes even though there is more than six months of this year left, I know what my main memorykeeping project will be next year.  As soon as I saw the new ‘the monthly’ layered templates from Cathy Zielske (sold at Designer Digitals) I knew this was what I would use next year, and probably several years after – it answered questions I didn’t know I’d been asking.

Her concept is a set of page photo mosaic templates and one page for lots of journaling.  I will create one each month and print the whole year as a photobook I tried it out for May to see how I felt using it – I felt good. (the pattern papers are by Cuddlebeez). 

may monthly 4

may monthly 1

may monthly 2 may monthly 3

may monthly 5 may monthly 6

I love the design – I love everything Cathy Z – she is why I got into scrapbooking in 2006. 

I like that each month I can choose how many pages I need for that month and that I can have one page covering two days and other pages cover several weeks. 

I like that the scheme can incorporate 12 on the 12th or week in the life etc.

I like that I have a basic plan for recording the memories of the year that allows for some creative choice.

I will probably write on some of the photos, because I life the look.

I will use scrapbooking pages and minibooks too to record specific things and to allow for creative play.