Sunday, February 28, 2010

photo a day week 8

photo a day8

1 (Friday) ate my sandwich in the rose garden – lovely scent

2 When I saw this queue and learnt that it was about one and a half hours long I decided not to visit the art exhibition

3 Pile of books I’ve bought in last week, nice mix of escapism and real life

4 The work clothes part of my wardrobe

5 My work shoes and bag – yes I love purple

6 My favourite reality TV – So You Think You Can Dance (Australia)

7 Walking across the park to have dinner with friends saw I had a clear shadow – I like shadow photos.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

two more stories from my travels

over the weekend I did some more digi work with two more stories from my travels.  I really do find that I need a story before I can really settle on doing a layout.

the chair

Not sure how I managed to get the paperlace crooked when it is digi!

The template is from Cathy Z and the papers, paperlace and flowers are from Cuddlebeez (I changed the colours).

Journaling reads ‘  In Tonga hotel I thought I had found the perfect hotel chair – big enough to lounge in and comfortable.  But then at night  it was no good because there was no light near the chair.  In the Vanuatu hotel there was good light but I had to sit on the bed, which was OK for using the laptop.  On Tana the chair was rustic and not tat comfortable but it was big enough and when the electricity was on the light was good for reading.  Guess I better keep travelling to track down the hotel chair that ticks all the boxes.’


niue roads

Layout was scraplifted from this post by Amy.  The papers are plain colour and the ink ring is from karenika

Journaling reads

‘the road in Niue feels like a tunnel cut through the forest.  I felt that if it was left for a few years the forest would just grown back over and there would be no sign that people had been there.  I drove on every piece of  sealed road in Niue, and some of the ‘tracks’ as well, waving to every other driver, as is the custom.  Best roadtrip I’ve done - took most the morning!’

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Photo a day week 7

photo a day7

View out the window – on a plane all day; view from my Canberra home until Easter; rain – heaviest in 8 years; cockatoos on the way to work;  planning with post-it notes; intended to taka a photo of my rings but liked the shadow of me taking the photo so included that too; the busstop on the way to work

Thursday, February 18, 2010

stories from my travels

Last year I travelled a lot, mostly in the islands of the Pacific. I kept a photo journal at the time and have recorded the what I saw when stuff.  But I realised there were some other stories that I wanted to tell and decided to use these to practice digi layouts.  

I decided to do two layouts using the same template both to practice making them different and also because the second one is so much faster when I’m familiar with the template.  I am using templates by Cathy Z from here Design Your Life class as BPS.  Here are the first two.  

nepal peek

Took me ages to do the 3 lines on the photos and they are not evenly spaced – something I need to work on. Background created using colour and texture within PSE.  Palette comes from Stacy Julian’s weekly colour challenge (red and green with a twist).

pacific patisserie

Tried drop shadows here but clearly need to work on these.  The spotty paper is from DDD Mysteria Paper and I changed the colour.  The embellishment is cut from a patterned paper by funky R Dickinson.

Finding digi about equally frustrating and rewarding.  Having some stories I want to tell means I will get some practice and try out different components of the software.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

photo a day week 6

photo a day6

Dad baked some cakes; made a coupon book for nephew’s birthday; the Sunday papers; 18th birthday cake; sprinkling of snow shows footprints – mine and the dog over a pheasant; late sun on the river; waiting to check-in the bags.

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not 12 on the 12th

some days really are too monotonous to contemplate 12 on the 12th.  Really would you want to see 12 of these with perhaps some variation in cloud pattern.

feb 12th (4)

I flew out of London evening of the 11th and arrived in Sydney, Australia on morning of the 13th so the 12th happened somewhere between those points while I was sitting on a plane.  I’m in Australia now for six weeks so instead of snow photos I should have parrots and sun. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Recipe for polynesian fish

this featured on my photo a day for last week.  It is a common dish in New Zealand thanks to the Samoan and Tongan communities sharing their lovely food.  The fish should be very fresh – it is cooked by the lemon juice.  The dish is very fresh tasting and quite addictive.  It is often served as part of a salad or as a started before a BBQ. 
recipe polynesian fish

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Monday, February 8, 2010

frost photo mosaic

Mary over at Little Red House runs mosaic Monday with links to the many people who join her by posting a mosaic of photos.  Last week there was an amazing frost and I took lots of photos, some of which are in this collection.  Amazing to see the separate ice crystals and the pattern on the wood showing in the frost.

I made my mosaic using picassa.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

photo a day week 5

from 9am Monday until 6pm Thursday this is what I thought my collection for this week would look like
missing photo collage
Monday turned on my laptop and nothing happened.  Turned it off and turned it on again – still nothing.  Received wisdom was that the hard drive was dead and all would be lost. And I had not backed up photos all month. But when I returned from London on Thursday I was told that it was working again – just needed an external boot.  So I do have all the photos – great relief and feel as if my fifth limb has been returned.
collage end jan
enough sunshine for shadows on my morning walk; made Polynesian fish salad for dinner; glorious colour at dusk; no laptop; Big Ben (London); waiting in the corridor for the meeting; train at King’s Cross.
This week’s task – set up very regular back-up of photos. How do you back-up photos – online (in the cloud), on a separate hard drive or burnt to CD?
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