Monday, January 28, 2013

If you don’t know where you are going

Browsing quotes about journeys (as you do), I found three different endings to the proposition that you don’t know where you are going




seems to be a version to fit all levels of optimism and any situation.  In my general Pollyanna style I tend towards the last one but can see that the other two are also valid.  Which speaks to you?

{the quotes are from Yogi Berra, Steve Maraboli, and Lewis Carroll}


Miriam said...

"like you do" I thought it was only me that did that!! The first one speaks to me this morning as I sit here not getting ready to go to work...

Sian said...

I like the last one

Elizabeth said...

Definitely the last one. By the way, my sister calls my Pollyanna. Just can't help having a bright outlook on life.

Melissa said...

The second always speaks to me - I, of course, want to know when I get there so I can check it off my list! :>)

alexa said...

I'm in the last one camp too, though it could be taken positively or negatively, I guess. The first two make me feel I am being told off! Really interesting to bring them together like this :).