Friday, August 28, 2015

scavenger hunt august finds

each year when Rinda reveals her summer scavenger hunt list I note to myself items that I’m sure I will find during the Fringe festivities (remember unicycle and juggler) and again this year I provided a good source of items.


item 17 – 2 or more people dressed the same – how could I resist these amazing costumes

and unexpectedly 3 flags on one pole (item 15) – not the best photo I have ever taken but I was so happy to spot them


and a fun take on sub b – a person holding an umbrella


and of course plenty of ticket booths (item 19)to choose from – I kept looking for one that was called that but box office seems to be the favoured term at the fringe


and 1 of 2 versions of item 1 – a bouquet of flowers


I also managed to capture 3 items while out and about locally


several versions of item 3 – person walking a dog


so many to choose from for item 14 – traffic signals – but I chose the temporary ones that were up while they were digging up a local street


and finally took one of the river I walk beside several times a week for item 20 a natural body of water

So good progress this month with only 3 items still to find but I do have 2 of the subs so I only need to find 2 of them and of course I need to do the selfie with a sign

Thanks to Rinda for another fun hunt to keep me alert.


Sian said...

You definitely deserve a prize for best uniforms picture! That's fantastic.

Maggie said...

You are doing well. I am a bit jealous of the flag find! All great pictures

Karen said...

Great finds! I just love those "uniforms."

Patio Postcards said...

I like your umbrella photo - what a find. You certainly are having great success with the SPSH.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You have some truly unique and amazing finds. I loved the first photo of the same uniforms and am a bit jealous of the flags. But that umbrella is so unique, I had to laugh. You have a very good eye and some great shots.

Jane said...

wonderful shots, love the first one!

BJ said...

Oh loads of lovely photos there, I especially like the mohican costumes, superb. Yippee to the 3 flags, I'm doing a happy dance for you right now! Umbrella shot excellent and yes a different road sign, well done you.

JansArtyJunk said...

Fabulous finds and pics.... Loving those costumes ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree about you getting the prize for best people in matching outfits!