Monday, August 17, 2015

me on Monday

do I have a tale for you today?  Actually I have 2 tails !!


both spotted on fringe performers trying to attract an audience.

On Saturday I laughed lots at a comedy fest to celebrate 30 years of one of the fringe comedy venues with a lineup of lots of comedians each entertaining for 5 minutes (or longer in many cases).  A great variety of styles – thoroughly entertaining.

It was also a weekend of crocheting more baby guinea pigs until I ran out of eyes (visit to HobbyCraft needed this week), browsing autumnal clothes online, and planning more fringe shows for next week with visitors. This week is looking so busy that my meal plan for the week has only 2 days when I’m eating at home in the evening.

Hope you all have a great week


Sian said...

Oh brilliant! I'm getting much better coverage of what's going on from you than I am from that son of mine. All I've had from him is a vague "Um, yeah, they turned part of the Meadows into a circus.."

Browsing autumn clothes and crochet sound like time well spent to me :) Have a great week!

Patio Postcards said...

Great Monday morning chuckle - thanks for sharing this pair. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Susanne said...

Well, they certainly garnered attention, as did you with those snaps. Happy Monday!