Monday, August 10, 2015

me on Monday

August in Edinburgh is full to bursting with entertainment so this weekend was one of watching comedians and a prequel to Macbeth and lots of pipebands.

Having studied and enjoyed Macbeth at school I have been collecting different interpretations of the play and there are always several a the fringe.  This year I didn’t fancy a 2 person, Chinese mime version but a prequel appealed – according to this playwright  Lady Macbeth was the ambitious one and had angered the witches which prompted them to meddle. 

On Sunday there was a pipeband display – 17 groups marching through the old town and then playing together as a mass band – I do enjoy bagpipe music when it is outside (not keen when confined by walls and echoing) and they were playing well known, tow tapping tunes.  The backdrop of Arthur’s seat seemed the perfect setting


Hope you all have some toe-tapping in your week – waving to everyone, especially Sian.


Eileen T said...

I love bagpipes as well. Way back, when I lived in a flat, one of the neighbours used to parade up and down the street every Saturday morning as part of his practice. I loved it, but some of the other residents weren't too keen!

debs14 said...

I love the idea of a prequel to 'the Scottish play'!
I'm not a lover of bagpipes, but they do certainly add atmosphere to an occasion.

Patio Postcards said...

Now that is a different rendition of Macbeth. Great photo of the pipers. Kilts, I like a man in a kilt and we also had lots of that around town - Fergus (just a wee bit north of us) held their Scottish Festival this weekend. Oh and the bagpipes.

Sian said...

TTO is heading your way this week, to support a friend in a Fringe Show. Seeing some shows myself is definitely on my bucket list!
I had a Grandpa who could play the bagpipes and TSO is sorry she never got to meet him. She fancies a go herself.

Have a great week

Jennifer Rose said...

couldn't imagine the noise of bagpipes inside, would be deafening o.0

Lady Ella said...

Not sure I have ever heard so many pipers all at once but would love to have heard them out on Arthur's Seat. V atmospheric!

Prairie Jill said...

Sounds like another wonderful weekend!

Sandie said...

Wonderful Helena, it looks quite spectacular with the setting. Like you I wouldn't fancy the other alternative versions!

Miriam said...

Oooh! I just love this picture, the atmosphere and sounds it conjures up is wonderful. I like the sound of the pipes too. Not shared by husband & son who both have many disparaging things to day about it.