Monday, August 24, 2015

me on Monday

big wave to Sian and fellow Monday wavers and lovely blog readers.  I’m having a relaxing Monday after a busy weekend.

a weekend of fringe show enjoying on Saturday with my nephew and parents:

– of marvelling at the strength, speed and energy of Japanese drummers

- of laughing and singing along to 6 acts in a Best of the Fest compilation

- of having my brain squirmed by an excellent illusionist

- of laughing at a play based on Terry Pratchet’s Eric and sweating in a basement room on a warm day filled with laughing people

Then on Sunday an afternoon spent talking to several other crafters about what they make and where they source materials and some swapping of tricks of the trade (usually involving the use of PVA glue).  Which was all very nice except that we had all hoped that we would be busy selling items to customers at a craft fair


but it seems the organiser did minimal advertising and chose the venue based upon cost rather than likely footfall.  We did sell some things – to other stall holders.  Oh well, we will know not to sign up for one of his craft fairs again.

Another busy fringe week ahead – the last week.  Hope you all have a good one


Sian said...

Saturday sounds wonderful! Sunday..argh: how frustrating. There's nothing like that feeling when someone stops at your stall and buys..and equally there's nothing like the feeling when everyone walks past, or doesn't arrive in the first place. I love the Minion and the Miffy especially and hope they find a good home very soon.

Patio Postcards said...

It sounds like you had a weekend of lots of laughter and fun sightings. The person with just the legs sticking out of the suitcase looked like an ad for an upcoming TV show to start in the Autumn. I would certainly have stopped & bought at your stall.

Barbara said...

I have seen some Japanese drummers - they are amazing. What a shame the craft fair was not advertised well, at least it was good to chat to other crafters.

Maggie said...

A busy weekend if not a little frustrating at the sale

Lady Ella said...

So impressed with your craft table! I have a lot of Miffys and would have felt very guilty leaving that one behind! As to Japanese drummers - I saw a troupe recently and they were amazing. I think they were called the Yamato Drummers.

alexa said...

The brain squirming sounded painful - took me a few minutes to realise what you meant. Shame about the craft fair :(. But it sounds as if there were lots of other nice things to compensate. Hope you are having a good week.