Friday, August 21, 2015

more fringe fun

as requested, some more snippets of creative fun from the fringe
another human statue – hard to see but there is a pole from the bottom man’s hand up to the top man’s platform – I could see several groups of spectators discussing how they thought it was done / where the support structure was hidden
I passed 2 performers with a clear ball but didn’t stop to find out how it was used – I was more interested in the reflection of the street within the ball
possibly having a nap?  possibly relating to plot of a play?
lady with the tablet was interviewing people on her pink inflatable sofa – other person was advertising a show
this week’s image for 2 or more people wearing the same thing – from a Japanese dance epic – the tassels are from the head dress of another person from the troupe – and I love the bemused look on the face of the spectator
and to finish a fun monster with massive feet


Maggie said...

What great photos! Lovely to see people having such a good time. Not sure which is my favourite. Possibly the legs!

Sian said...

Just wonderful! Thank you!

You've made me even more determined to make it there in person next year

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

there probably is a seat attached to the pole and then hidden in his clothes. I saw a video awhile ago on how they do things like this, was pretty neat. for me it didn't ruin the effect and look, its still impressive to come up with the ideas and try to figure out how to make it work

Miriam said...

What a wonderfully cheerful post. Just what I need today x