Monday, March 30, 2015

me on Monday


gazing out of the window at another wet and windy day with no prospect of a nice walk with camera. Hoping that the wind won’t blow away all the camellia blooms on the bush opposite – they seem so fragile in a wind.

It was a weekend of such weather which meant plenty of reading and some clutter tidying and old printed photos sorting and braving a dinner of UFO (unidentified freezer offering) which nicely thawed to be marinated chicken and some ‘art therapy’ (seems to be the new word to make colouring-in sound OK for adults!). Plus a slight feeling of disorientation due to the clocks moving an hour.

I did venture out once to visit a new local craft fair but didn’t buy anything as it was one of those ones where I looked at each stall and thought ‘I can make that’. 

Waving to you all and hoping your week is brightened - by sunshine or daffodils


and an extra wave to Sian for this lovely collection of waves each Monday

Friday, March 27, 2015

up, up and away in my beautiful balloon


I’ve been having fun with more amigurumi crochet.  As soon as I saw the pattern for the hot air balloon with basket my fingers were itching for a crochet hook and some yarn.  The pattern came together easily and I found some wire to hand the basket below the balloon


then I added 2 people nicely wrapped up in warm hats.

I intend to hang this up near my ceiling so it really looks like they have gone up, up and away.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

pairs in my garden

one of the delights of my front garden is the succession of bulbs that flower in spring.  First are the snowdrops and crocus and then the daffodils and then grape hyacinth.  These two photos were taken only 5 weeks apart

I'm sure I'll be sharing more pairs of this view as the changes continue through into May.

Looking forward to some visual treats and some interesting stories in your pairs this week.

Monday, March 23, 2015

me on Monday

hello spring – hope you all have signs of the new season where you are

in the UK the first day of spring arrived in spectacular fashion with a solar eclipse – over 90% up here.  I did my research and went out with 2 pieces of card, with a pinhole in one.  I admit I was sceptical while reading all the instructions but when I held up the 2 cards I could see a small crescent shape which changed as the moon moved in front of the sun.  There was passing cloud which actually allowed for some photos – I know it looks like a crescent moon but that was the sun.  Strange light because it was dark but the sun was still high. 


Then the weekend proper was full of watching rugby – 3 nail biting games with lots of scoring and the champions only determined at the final whistle – my favourite of the 3 contenders won so I was happy.

I was caught up with the feeling of spring, and my feet feeling too hot in my boots – so I performed my seasonal unpacking of the warmer weather clothes a week early and put away a few of my warmest clothes. Then I embarked on the frustrating exercise of looking for some new items of clothing on-line.  Frustrating because I clothes shop with my fingers and no-one has invented an ability to feel photos yet.   And while the inventors are at it can we please have an app whereby I have my body scanned and then I can ‘try-on’ items online to see how they will look.  I didn’t see anything that made me hit the ‘buy now’ button so am watching the ‘new in’ sections.

As an antidote to all that screen time and frustration I crocheted a cute new friend


Waving to Sian for encouraging a Monday wave

Waving to all blogfriends and hoping spring is with you this week