Monday, July 27, 2015

me on Monday

ignoring the rain outside to wave to you all, and an extra wave for Sian home from her holiday.

with wind and rain outside I was happy to settle down to some crochet – inspired by a necklace worn by our tutor at the gallery and using the wool we were allowed to take home from that event I crocheted a chain – no not the basic chain that starts every crochet project but a big funky chunky chain made of links


more evidence, if any is needed, that crochet lends itself to many forms and some crocheteers are nutty / highly creative


with no let up on the rain likely today I’m anticipating an afternoon of crochet on my jumper (doing the sleeves). 

Hope you all have opportunities for some creativity this week.

Friday, July 24, 2015

an evening at the art gallery

I spent an interesting evening at a gallery creating crochet objects.  The idea was that we drew inspiration from their current installation and then have some creative play.  There were 20 of us – knitters and crocheteers – although about half the women there primarily create with other medium such as jewellery or plastics or sculpture. 


after 2 hours of concentrated play we displayed all our pieces


the original idea was to create several combined pieces but we ran out of time for that – I think if the same group were to meet regularly it would happen.

Mine is the cluster in the middle with the 3 small balls inside a frilled thing (its creative play, not identifiable or useful objects!).

I really enjoyed the collective playing and creating things from yarn just for fun and the chat with creative women.  I often see notices about creative events in galleries and then realise it is for kids so was very pleased to have one for adults.

I wasn’t taken with the installation and I don’t think many people really used it as inspiration.  The gallery was pleased with the enthusiasm from us so will probably do it again, hopefully with a more inspiring exhibition as the starting point.

Do any of you have local galleries that host creative events for adults?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pair of pairs

while visiting my sister last week I took an early morning stroll  to see the inhabitants of her neighbour's field

the donkeys were grazing what they could reach without getting up while the chickens were busy looking for food - and the other inhabitants were still sleeping (a pair of pigs and a pony).

From a photography and pairs perspective I was particularly pleased that both pairs were together.

Anticipating more delightful pairs from you all.

Monday, July 20, 2015

me on Monday

a big wave to everyone whether you are at home or on holiday (or indeed somewhere else).

The summer festival season in Edinburgh started with flare this weekend. 

On Saturday I enjoyed some free toe-tapping as jazz musicians entertained on 4 stages.  A great array of jazz styles and a chance to see some more unusual musical instruments


Then on Sunday a carnival parade along the main street with masses of drummers and fabulous head dresses (and a very cute little girl) – I collaged some together


great to see so many people enjoying the music and the spectacle – which continued with performances in the park until rain sent us under trees for shelter and then home. 

At home a satisfying fruit picking session in my back garden means I wont need to buy any fruit this week – I also have a nice stash of raspberry conserve after going to a fruit picking farm during the week.

Wishing you all a good week with some toe tapping