Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Zoom in on the spinner

the winter fair and market has opened in the middle of Edinburgh - lots of stalls selling food and potential gifts plus rides like this big wheel and nice sedate carousels.  I'm always amazed that people pay to be spun around at a great height but it was busy all afternoon and provided some great photo shots.  I'm confident this is not the last time I'll be featuring the market here this year.

Hoping you are all enjoying your week and looking forward to seeing what you are sharing this week.

Monday, November 24, 2014

me on Monday

at my computer Monday morning drinking coffee from my new mug, reading e-mail and blogs and processing my photos from the weekend


it was another rugby watching, crocheting and Connie the cat stroking kind of Saturday (and I was delighted that both of ‘my nations’ won). 


Sunday was a winter fair and market visiting, low sun in the eye and lens avoiding, hot dog eating, strictly come dancing enjoying type of day


waving to blogland at the start of another week (and an extra wave to Sian for this lovely meme) and hoping you all have a good week

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

zoom in on grazers

no not me grazing festive foods although that may feature in a December zoom

both the Canadian and Greylag geese are spending a lot of their time grazing the grass beside the river at the moment, in big mixed groups.  They are so used to people from when the hatch that it is no problem that they graze where we walk - they sometimes take a step away or hiss but that's it.

hope you are all keeping warm as you zoom in and out

Monday, November 17, 2014

me on Monday

good morning from a wet and overcast Edinburgh. 


I’m wearing my new top and I’ve persuaded Connie the cat to take her tablet and turned around her food bowl so she will eat the food on the other side of the bowl.

Much of my weekend was the same as last weekend with lots of rugby and crochet – but no cold.

Also progress on 2 seasonal decoration projects – sewing a long piece of crochet around a polystyrene ring ready for decoration; and preparing lots of shiny triangles.  This project was prompted by the decoration in John Lewis store and I had thought through how to cut the card and join them with paperclips and that the secret to it looking fabulous was to have lots.  What I’d skimmed over in this thinking was that I would need to punch a hole in the top of each triangle individually to ensure placement and stop undue bending. I’ll share both as they progress


and I remembered to check out the window at dusk to catch the glorious but short lived red sky

Thanks Sian for this idea of recapping the weekend and waving to everyone on Monday morning – have a great week