Friday, July 3, 2015

June was


June was nicely busy with outings and creative projects.

I laughed loudly at Spamalot and admired the male bodies and dramatic choreography at the ballet Car Man using the music from Carman. On TV I binged on the latest series of Orange is the New Black.

I worked on a nice range of crochet projects with two sizes of sensory sleeves and some baby guinea pigs.  Then towards the end of the month, as the sunshine and heat returned, I was inspired by magazine pictures of crochet autumn jumpers and started to plan colours for a striped jumper.  Creating the colour pegs really is helpful in planning the colour order – as well as making me feel like a professional crocheter.


Sunny weather in-between the rainy days meant that I was able to get out for walks with my camera and soak up some vitamin D and hunt for scavenger hunt items (7 captured).  I even managed some garden tidying as well as enjoying salad leaves from my garden several times each week and the first two tomatoes from my plants (inside). I’m a convert to kale salads and have been enjoying versions of this recipe using kale from my garden – I didn’t dig out the old plant so can still pick new leaves which work really well for the salad.

In my sign language class we prepared for out first assessment – I had to create a story about a deaf man in a hotel when the fire alarm goes off – a careful balance of telling a story, demonstrating my understanding of proper syntax and using the vocabulary that I have.  As we learn more we are realising how much more there is to learn about syntax and the difference between formal and informal signing (like the difference between received English and colloquial phrases).


But I still had time to finish the second Robin Hobbs trilogy and then wrench myself out of that imagined land to read 3 very different books.  I enjoy Karen Rose’s storytelling in her crime novels but find the level of violence uncomfortable to read too often.  Then I finally read the much talked about Kite Runner - I enjoyed the characters and narrative but it is not a happy book.  Perfect also held my attention with interesting characters dealing with hard situations.  I think I need some happy books this month!

Finally my favourite photo was taken on a sunny day when the firth had a scenic layer of fog and a lone boat provided a nice visual punctuation mark.


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer of colour is fiery

Kristin chose a fiery palate for us this week of 2 reds and a metallic – if I was using pens I’d be loving this, especially with my new metallic sharpies – the best metallic pens ever.

But metallic in digital creation, not so easy.  I did manage a bronze as a background from my bright red paisley patterns


and the page is filling up nicely with great colour combos


What a wealth of creativity being shared each week and looking forward to seeing how everyone used the metallic element.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pair of tenacious plants

a nice bit of contrast this week, linked by the fact that both of these are growing out of the wall that forms the river bank and both seem to be thriving in what look like a barren growing spot.  Loving the soft purple and green - reminds me of school days as those, with bottle green, were our school uniform colours.

The end of June means we are half way through the year and what a wonderful range of pairs we have had so far - thanks to all of you for taking part

Monday, June 29, 2015

me on Monday

a wave I prepared earlier – when this posts I’ll be on a train enjoying some countryside on a train daytrip

over the weekend I enjoyed the sun when it appeared – in case it doesn’t come back for a while! I spent some time in my garden trimming and tidying and eyeing up the emerging fruit.  Later we had a nice walk in a local park and admired a new mural under a bridge


I like the mix of nature and traditional graffiti styles


while trimming the privet hedge I pondered things I love and hate, in response to the challenge posed by Eileen on her blog.  Here are the items I came up with – I resisted going back to make changes as that could be an endless process.  So here are 10 thinks that came to mind when I thought about what I love and hate on Sunday afternoon:

I love

  1. Spring bulbs blooming
  2. Summer fruit
  3. Sound of waves on the shore
  4. Rich colours
  5. Laughter
  6. Small kindnesses
  7. A big book or series driven by a strong narrative – where things happen
  8. A walk with camera
  9. Ideas
  10. Creativity and creating things


I hate

  1. Dusk before dinner
  2. Discrimination of all kinds
  3. Surgery shown on TV
  4. Furry food – such as peaches
  5. Rudeness
  6. Strong artificial smells
  7. Lateness
  8. Finding slugs have eaten the things I planted
  9. Repetitive tasks
  10. Not being able to think of enough items for a list

The challenge then asks me to nominate 10 people to repeat the exercise – but with several blogfriends already nominated we are likely to repeat so I’ll just say – if you want to do this then consider yourself nominated.