Wednesday, December 17, 2014

zoom in after dark

I appreciate all the twinkling lights at this time of year when it is dark by 4pm - roll on 21st when the days start to lengthen again.
many of my neighbours have a lit tree in their bay window adding lots of sparkle to the street and the chance at catching some bokeh - in this case my camera just did it

If you are wondering why there are trees in upstairs windows - those 'houses' are actually two layers of flats so the trees are in the upstairs flats' living rooms.

hope you are all finding some sparkle in your run up to Christmas and looking forward to see what you are all zooming on this week

Monday, December 15, 2014

me on Monday pondering craft markets


pausing in my elf work of putting up more decorations and Christmas list making to thank Sian for suggesting we all wave on Monday and hoping you all have a good week.

I went to 2 more craft markets at the weekend (following 1 market last weekend) and on the bus home from the 2nd was thinking about why I bought so little.  I went to these markets with the intentions of doing my own bit of quantitative easing – intending to spend at least £10 at each in support of local crafters.  I was surprised at how hard it was to meet this goal.

The biggest category of crafters seemed to be jewellery makers – which I am not in the market for.  Even if I still maintained a work wardrobe I would only be likely to buy 1 new piece at the markets.  I do wonder if there is an audience for so many different jewellery makers to make a living.

The next two biggest categories were graphic designers and consumables.  I admire the many pictures, cartoons, catchy word art and designs that are presented in the form of cards, cushions, coasters, mugs and bags.  But again there is a limit to how many of these I can make use of, especially as I make my own cards and don’t use coasters or cushions.

I did sample and buy food but they are often low cost items.  I was surprised at the number of dog treat stalls – a real 1st world phenomena I think.

There was also a number of up-cycle stalls – toys and hot water bottle covers made from old jumpers; decorations made from old books; sculpture from found bits; wooden furniture from pallets.  All lovely but I tend to be more interested in how I could do that than in buying them.

I had been hoping for a nice potter as I want a new mug but potters seem to have disappeared from the craft market circuit.  I’m always on the lookout for new things too and was interested in a guy making quirky items from resin (eg animal skulls, chicken feet plus commissions for hands or feet), amazing cut paper sculpture and some lovely felted wool accessories.

I know that making a living as a crafter is very hard but I do wonder how many people are making what the enjoy making rather than what there is a market for.

Have you been to any craft markets recently?  were you tempted by what was on offer?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Zoom in on the hills

snow symbols are starting to appear on the weather maps - but only on the hills at the moment and I could see a dusting of white on the hills in the distance as I looked out over the firth and Fife

week 50 which means only 3 more Wednesday's this year - yes I know that takes us to week 53 when there are only 52 weeks in the year but the first and last day of 2014 are Wednesday.

But it does mean that I have been thinking about next year and the continuation of this meme.  Some of you may remember that last year I posted 2 photos each Wednesday using 'look up. look down'.  I was thinking about other linked pairings and decided that rather than choose one of them as the theme for everyone to follow in 2015 that I would offer /welcome sharing any linked pair each Wednesday - for instance
- before and after
- look left, look right
- in front and behind
- the photo and me taking the photo
- then and now (a chance to use a old photo and pair it with a contemprary equivalent)
and of course more of
- zoom in, zoom out
- look up, look down
and I'm sure there are more that you and I will think of during the year

you might want to choose one of these and follow it each week or dabble across them as I intend to 

so I hope you will join me next year either occassionally or every week in sharing a linked pairing - and I'll endeavour to think of a catchy title before our first outing on 7th January

in the meantime looking forward to all your zoom in, zoom our for this week

Monday, December 8, 2014

a shadowy me on Monday

I got out for my walk while the sky was blue as more rain is forecast and while I was out I captured a shadow of me literally waving to you all this Monday (thanks to Sian’s great meme)


It was a suitably festive weekend which included friends’ choir’s carol listening; market and craft fair visiting and quantitative easing; German festive biscuits sampling; holly wreath buying; winter scavenger hunt item finding; tree lights admiring and Christmas meals discussing.  Plus some less festive Swedish warehouse visiting.

Wishing you all a great week, festive and otherwise, as I head off to use an Allen key and decipher the picture instructions.