Monday, January 16, 2017

Memorandum Monday countdown

A big wave to you all - still with my left arm but my right arm is nearly back to normal - still being careful but just an ache rather than twinge - thank you for all your good wishes.

So did you experience snow this week?  According to the news it was everywhere (UK and North America) but we did not see any laying here - a few thick rain showers and some dusting of white on the hills in the distance but that was it.  I'm not complaining.

In the midst of the cold I am finding it odd packing lots of t-shirts and keep having to remind myself that with temperatures of 16 - 22C I will not need cardigans!

Some nice signs of new growth in my garden - lots of green tips poking up for the bulbs and my rhubarb has emerged

and enjoying the low light on my river walks
I love the pattern through the clouds and the shine on the water and how it turns everything monochrome.

Wishing you all a good week with plenty of cosy.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Memorandum Monday left handed

Big wave to you all this morning - but unusually waving with my left hand because my right arm twinges when I raise it - not sure what I did to strain the muscle.  Doing lots of things with my left hand, arnica cream and taking care of my movements seem to be doing the trick and it is much improved.

The other new thing I spotted at the weekend was in the supermarket

yes the Easter chocolate is on the shelves already - and someone came along and happily took some for her trolley while I was taking the photo.

Wishing you all a good week - I have lots of lists and organising in mine, and perhaps even the start of the packing

Monday, January 2, 2017

Memo Monday 2017

A big new year wave to you all as I start to get back into routines. 

Now that Christmas has gone and gifts have been opened I can share the 3 crochet pictures that I made into cushion covers for those in my family who actually like to have cushions (not me I tend to move them out of the way).  This photo was taken at my crochet, cake and chat group - being held up with a lovely squares cushion cover one of the others made

I enjoy making the pictures although they need concentration and marking off the grid as it is done so not an activity to do at the crochet group, or even while watching TV. I used graphs created for cross stich or peeler beads - plenty of creativity being shared online for each.

Wishing you all a good week as we transition into the new year and new routines.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Final snap

Hard to believe this is the final snap of the year - feels such a short time ago that I was introducing my first one - thank you to all of you who have participated with your own snaps and lovely comments.

For my final set I had been thinking of festive snaps but in the end decided to use a water and sky shot I took this week and match it with others from during the year because this is one of my most recurring themes in my photos and a topic that always has me reaching for my camera - probably helped by the fact that I live near the sea so often come across good water and sky shots.

The top one I took this week - the water is Loch Lomond, where I had a family Christmas in a holiday chalet - wet and windy but managed a walk to see the water and get some photos

2nd down taken in June when we were on holiday in Ullapool

3rd down is from my holiday in Spain in September (I clearly like to holiday by water as well as living by it!)

and finally at the bottom is one taken near home in October - it was interesting looking through my sea and sky photos from the year looking for one that had a similar feel to the other 3.

and for the last time I'm looking forward to seeing what caught your eye this week.