Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Pair of pyrotechnics

The last event of Edinburgh's festival summer is a big firework concert - a band plays in the park below the castle and there are accompanying fireworks over the castle.  The music is transmitted live on the local radio station.  As the castle is on top of a hill it is visible from many places around the city and lots of people congregate in them to enjoy the pyrotechnics spectacle - including us.

I do enjoy fireworks and always try for some photos - always a matter of take a lot and hope for a few good ones whilst remembering to enjoy the spectacle too.

Monday, August 31, 2015

me on Monday

waving to you all with my nicely henna adorned hand


I’ve often thought about having one when I see the stalls at fairs and finally did when I had a gap between shows and there was no queue at the booth.  It took me longer to browse her photos and choose a design than it did for her to draw – she was so adept and maintaining pressure on the bag and keeping the pattern flowing (a lot like icing really).  Then I had to not bend my hand and keep it safe for 20 minutes (when I wondered why I gave her my right hand).  Then picking off the dried bits of henna was fun.  The dye darkened over 24 hours and now I keep catching a glimpse of the pattern on my hand – it should last for 2 weeks.

It was the last weekend of the Fringe and I finished in style with an amazing Quebec based acrobatic troupe – just watching them exhausted me.

Then my favourite comedian – Adam Hills, with the added interest that he has a sign language interpreter for his Sunday shows. Fun to watch the signs as well as listen to him.

A quiet week ahead but plenty to do with crochet projects and tidying the garden.  Hope you all have a good one.

Friday, August 28, 2015

scavenger hunt august finds

each year when Rinda reveals her summer scavenger hunt list I note to myself items that I’m sure I will find during the Fringe festivities (remember unicycle and juggler) and again this year I provided a good source of items.


item 17 – 2 or more people dressed the same – how could I resist these amazing costumes

and unexpectedly 3 flags on one pole (item 15) – not the best photo I have ever taken but I was so happy to spot them


and a fun take on sub b – a person holding an umbrella


and of course plenty of ticket booths (item 19)to choose from – I kept looking for one that was called that but box office seems to be the favoured term at the fringe


and 1 of 2 versions of item 1 – a bouquet of flowers


I also managed to capture 3 items while out and about locally


several versions of item 3 – person walking a dog


so many to choose from for item 14 – traffic signals – but I chose the temporary ones that were up while they were digging up a local street


and finally took one of the river I walk beside several times a week for item 20 a natural body of water

So good progress this month with only 3 items still to find but I do have 2 of the subs so I only need to find 2 of them and of course I need to do the selfie with a sign

Thanks to Rinda for another fun hunt to keep me alert.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

pair of fishers

Some weeks I have a pairs subject in mind or an event where I'm sure I will find a pair.  Other weeks I keep my eyes open for a good pair on my Monday walk.  It was the latter this week and as I was walking along I saw a man fishing in the river - not a common sight - and thought that if there was a cormorant at the river mouth then that would make a pair.  Luckily there were 2 cormorants sunning themselves so I give you a pair of fishers

looking forward to seeing your pairs - planned and serendipitous