Monday, September 1, 2014

mobile Monday–panorama

I’ve enjoyed the images that Prairie Jill and Miriam have been sharing using apps on their mobile devices and kept thinking that I would experiment with the images I can take or edit on my phone.


Faced with a lovely horizon on a sunny day at the beach I decided to try the panorama app that I have – easy to use as long as you start on the left of the image and pan right.  It creates lovely images of a broad view but then I started playing with creating a distorted image


I like the ones where I turned around as I scanned so that I get a flat image that I can’t actually see with my eyes (and to think they used to say the camera never lies).  In this image I was looking out to sea and the benches were on my immediate left and those building on my immediate right so I’ve captured 180 degrees


then I played with following the railings – didn’t manage a smooth pan here but I like the effect.

And my favourite is also a distortion but you wouldn’t know it – I like the lines converging and big sky


I was disappointed that I can only take a horizontal panorama – even though you can use the phone either horizontal or vertical you can only pan right – you can’t pan down.

I’ll be experimenting some more with this app in different places and looking at what other apps I can use – it seems that many of the fabulous apps that Jill and Miriam use are for the other kind of mobile devise.  Anyone else use android and have recommendations for photo effect apps?  And any tips for fun with panorama mode?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

where do birds sit nowadays?

I’ve been prompted to ask myself this question (and to ponder what they did pre industrialisation) as I search for item 3 in Rinda’s summer scavenger hunt – birds on a wire.

When I first read the list I imagined a lovely image of a blue sky with a row of birds perched on a wire – perhaps all facing the same way, perhaps a nice mix of poses – rather like the decal I have on my bathroom wall


Then as I started to look around I realised this was going to be hard.  For a start I don’t see many wires in my normal walks.  When I was taking the train to the Commonwealth Games daily I spotted lines along the rail tracks but taking photos of birds on a wire from a moving train is near impossible and the one time I saw a bird on the wires at the station it was camouflaged against the bushes as I shared in this zoom in zoom out


I took to scanning urban skylines but the birds seemed to prefer the roof ridges


as the end date of the hunt drew nearer I even spent some time watching a group of birds on the grass under some wires in the hopes they would decide to take a break on the wires – they didn’t


I was despairing of finding birds on a wire and then I spotted some starlings hopping on and off a wire fence – close enough I thought and waited until more than one bird was on the wire and now I’m calling item 3 done


check out how others having been progressing on the scavenger hunt over at Rinda’s blog.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

zoom in on the harvest

my garden is rather lacking in colour at the moment.  In the front garden none of the plants are flowering, just a few marigolds and the remains of the hydrangea - after producing wave after wave of flowers since February, this is a down period.  In the back garden there is plenty of green and the sweetpeas are still in bloom but the thing that really sings is the apple tree with lovely red apples nearly ready to pick

looking forward to seeing what has caught your eye this week

Friday, August 22, 2014

fringe fun

August in Edinburgh means creativity and fun as the city is flooded with performers and audience for the Fringe festival. Enjoying the fringe is so much a part of summer for me that I used it for my scavenger hunt item ‘me with something seasonal’


The purple structure in the background is a massive tent that is used for the underbelly venues.

I’ve seen 20 shows so far ranging from very serious theatre to roll in the aisle comedy via some fabulous dance and several treatments of Shakespeare (Seussication of Midsummer Nights dream was the best).

One of the other aspects of the Fringe that I love is the buzzing creativity of the block on the Royal Mile that is used as a gathering place where performers hunt an audience in any way they can – doing taters on the stages, leafleting, stunts, pleading, sales pitch etc.  Street performers also entertain in this space (yes I found a juggler for the scavenger hunt) alongside balloon sculptors and those people who pretend to be statues of various kinds.

This year I’ve noticed a new form of busking – they perform in the hope of being paid so I think of it as busking.


people dressed up in various crowd stopping ways, waiting to pose (including with people)


I’m impressed with the imagination and construction skills of these people


and think it must be a tiring way to earn money.  I always put a coin in their box when I take a photo as I appreciate the work they have done to create something that I want to photograph.

The other act that was attracting a lot of attention at the weekend was this wonderful puppet – i saw several children mesmerised and playing with it as they would a real puppy


now if I could just bottle some of the creative buzz for later in the year!