Wednesday, September 17, 2014

zoom in but still foggy

we have had a lot of fog over the last week - both in quantity and longevity - not uncommon for this time of year.  Taking photos of obscured scenery may seem like an odd occupation but the fog gives a soft wash without the use of textures or apps

wondering what else people will zoom in on this week

Friday, September 12, 2014

a graduation album

my nephew graduated this summer so, being the memory keeping / PSE savvy aunty, I collected together the photos everyone had taken of the day to make a photo album.


we decided from the start to combine graduation photos with photos of him growing up so the book became a celebration of his path to graduation. 


We already had a lot of old photos scanned from a photo book I made for my sister several years ago and were able to access photos from his student days thanks to social media (the social side of his student days).


Dylan is really pleased with his book.

I created all pages in PSE using variations on a simple design that left a good size white margin all around – as well as being a pleasing design it removes the problem of where the cut will come if photos go to the edge.  For photobooks I always create the whole page in PSE, save as a jpeg and then import and use the ‘one image to cover the page’ layout. 

[I use photobox for all my photobooks and have always been pleased with the results}

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Zoom in at the village show

after months of talking and planning, my crafting for charity group finally set up our craft stall at a local village show to see if we could raise money with what we make as well as sending needed items to charities

the weather was lovely and there were lots and lots of families there to enjoy the entertainment and stalls.

Young girls with pocket money burning holes in their purses made up over half of our customers, attracted by the hair decorations and my little animals.  Dog owners were another good group buying the handmade dog biscuits and toys.

We took  £200 and learnt a lot about doing a craft stall - only 2 of us had been involved in craft shows before - and are talking about trying a Christmas market next.

Anticipating a fine array of  zoom in zoom out this week, as always and thank you to everyone who joins in

Monday, September 8, 2014

enjoying a riot of colour

every month Sandie invites us to take lots of photos in 5 minutes and then share the best 5 and this month I thought that the fabulous riot of colour that I see on my daily walk would be a good subject


along by the river the flower beds are full of ‘meadow flowers’ a lovely mix of colourful flowers.  I love that the mix varies so that some bits are very orange and some are more pink


I love the detail of individual flowers


I love that the whole bed still looks bright and colourful even though many of the individual flowers are not at their best  and many are just seed heads now


I love that the flowers are clearly a great source of food for insects


with brown leaves on the ground and a decided nip in the air I’m enjoying this riot of summer colour – thanks Sandie for the prompt to capture it digitally