Friday, January 30, 2015

winter photo scavenger hunt–January finds

I’m joining Joy and Elaine for their winter scavenger hunt and this month made a concerted effort to find some items, happened upon others and realised I’d got others when looking through my photos.

So this month I give you


3 – an ornate door knocker – I had to keep a good eye out for this as I realised once I started looking that few doors in Edinburgh have knockers


5 – something over 100 years old – this fine granite building was built in the 1830s as Marschial College which later became part of the University of Aberdeen – it is now the headquarters for Aberdeen city council. The tower at the end is not in shadow – it is darker because it was not cleaned during recent renovations as that tower has different owners who were not willing to / could not afford to pay for the cleaning


13 – stained glass window – OK I’m bending meaning a bit here as these are stained glass panels in the window of a gallery


17 – texture from the crochet stitch I was using to make a striped scarf and I liked how the stitch looked up close in the different yarns


18 – shadow of me and some trees on a sunny day early in the month – I do enjoy the long shadows from the low sun at this time of year.

I just counted up and I rather neatly have exactly half of the items at this half way point.  Now I need to find a building site and a fish and decide what I want to use for winter weather.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

pairs week 4 celebrates asymmetry

When I was planning my trip to visit an old school friend at the weekend I though there would be opportunities for a then and now pairing but nothing gelled - in part due to the very small number of photos I have of my school days.

But as soon as we walked into the award winning new University library building I knew I had my pair with the amazing asymmetrical atrium. The hole on each floor is staggered from the one below and each is an irrgular shape - it feels like you are in a frozen whirlwind.

I'm enjoying the variety of pairs - both in looking for something to use as my pair and in the lovely vareity of pairs that you are sharing.  Any kind of pair that makes sense to you is welcome and there are some ideas on the pairs page.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Me on Monday

waving gently as I feel like I’m moving through porridge today thanks to a cold I acquired over the weekend.

But it was a grand weekend as I travelled to Aberdeen and back 30 years to visit an old school friend and walk around our old haunts.  She still lives in the area, in a house we used to walk past on the way home from school.

It was a weekend of reminiscing, patching together shared memories, catching up on what we’ve been doing since then, sharing news of other school friends and wandering around to see what was the same and what had changed (plenty of both). We were lucky to have clear skies and no rain and managed to traverse the patches of ice on some shaded paths.


hope you all have a good week and thanks to Sian for prompting us to wave on Mondays

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pairs week 3 finding postcards

I went  into the National Art Gallery to buy some postcards for Sian's upcoming postcard swap where she suggests we send postcards of something we love - I thought his was a good opportunity to buy send some picture of great art.  (If you don't know about the postcard swap and want to join in, there is still time, visit Sian's blog here.)

With beautiful clear, blue skies and some sunshine I walked through the park to reach the gallery shop and bought postcards of the watercolours which are only on display in January when the sunlight is so weak that it does not damage the art works.

I'm enjoying the range of pairs that you are all sharing.  You are welcome to link with any form of pairs - there are some ideas on the pairs page.