Monday, March 2, 2015

Me on Monday

Happy March everyone. The meteorological start of Spring brought a blustery weekend with some icy feeling wind, perfect for staying inside to crochet and watch rugby and read and get accustomed to my new robot floor cleaner.

Thank you to Shirley for my sixth postcard via Sian’s lovely postcard swap – fabulous snowy view of the Grand Canon.


And say hello to Caleb (he came with that name) the njiri (Shona for warthog)


I happened upon a stall selling cute knitted animals from Kenya.  I liked the balance of African women knitting items to send to UK.  The Gogo Olive charity provides a living wage for the women and creates a fun range of animals – their site is here and I was told an online shop is imminent.

Waving to everyone and wishing you all a great week.  Thanks to Sian for suggesting the weekly wave.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Winter scavenger hunt–February finds

nearly the end of the month so time to share my February finds for the winter scavenger hunt

I made good progress this month with


11 – polka dots on my shopping trolley


14 a partly built building – I know it just looks like scaffolding but the concrete floor has been poured and the underground carpark is built



10 a letter shape in nature – someone had kindly put the twig between the two trunks, creating an H


15 bunting – in my living room, I made it from William Morris wrapping paper

and with a feel of spring I don’t think I’m going to see snow drifts which is what I think of when I see ‘winter weather’ even though that is not the winter weather I experienced – which would be a picture of green grass or wind.  So here is the most snow I captured – a mere dusting that was gone within an hour (taken through a window that needed washing)


6 winter weather

Which leaves me with 5.  I’m thinking that I would have been wise to capture ‘someone wearing a funny hat’ before Christmas and ‘someone dressed for the season’ when it was colder.  It just means I will need to be more creative in the next few weeks. Street musicians are ever present in the city and I have several collections and I know which fish I want to photograph.

Thanks to Joy and Eileen for a fun winter hunt. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pairs on the tide

Another pair from my river walk and a game of 'spot the difference'

My walk is along the last stretch of the river before it joins the sea and so is affected by the tides.  Most of the time the tidal rise does not reach this little island but we have just had the highest tides of the year - the spring tides and the river was almost to the top of the restraining walls and most of the island had disappeared.

As I put the two photos beside each other I was also interested in all the little differences in colour and detail due to the change in weather and light.

Thank you to everyone who is joining in, I'm enjoying the variety of interpretations

Monday, February 23, 2015

Me on Monday

waving to you all with another 2 postcards from the postcard pile swap


The canal boats are from Krafty Karen and the dreaming swallows from Liz – a Scot now in USA – thank you both for lovely cards.  Just one more to receive.

On a blustery Monday I’m

doing my sign language class homework of preparing some sentences about a famous deaf person (I chose Jack Ashley who was the first deaf politician here),

and enjoying the site of spring bulbs in bloom out of the window – the purple crocuses have gathered the energy to emerge in their deeply coloured glory (thanks for that image Miriam!)


hoping you all have a great week and thanks to Sian for this Monday bloggy gathering