Wednesday, October 29, 2014

zoom in on the apples

on Saturday I went along to the local Community Orchard Apple Day - a celebration of all things apple -

there was an apple press to make juice, pressed juice for sale, bobbing for apples, pick your own crab apples (the zoomed in photo) and my Dad was in charge of the apple tasting table with samples of different apples from the orchard and committee members' gardens. Kids were also enjoying running around, watching the bonfire, the cakes and climbing the ladder provided for crab apple picking.

The orchard is on a sloping field with a stream at the bottom and walls or tall trees all around - that explains the odd angle in the 1st photo.  With low afternoon sun and lots of shade it was hard to get good photos but I do like the rays of sunlight showing in this one.

wondering where else I'll visit through your zoom shares this week

Monday, October 27, 2014

me on Monday with a visitor

pausing on Monday morning to wave to blogland and look back on the weekend before getting on with my week – thanks to Sian


Saturday was windy but not rainy and filled with housework; the Community Orchard Apple Day (more on Wednesday with my zoom pair); chatting to my nephew who is about to set out on an adventure to Mexico; and discovering fabulous light as I headed home.

Sunday was windy and wet and spent inside with my visitor


I’m looking after Connie the cat for a while. All her fluffy fur disguises how thin she is after some digestive problems – she has special food and a daily tablet.  She likes to be in the same room as me and has a lovely loud purr.

Hoping you all have a good week

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

zoom out for reflections

Fabulous light for reflections on the river at the moment - often I can see the details of the geese more clearly in their refelction than on the actual bird

don't be deceived by the lovely blue sky - I've been timing my walks to catch the spaces between rain showers

welcome to all of you still playing along, I love seeing what you all point your zoom at each week

Monday, October 20, 2014

me on Monday

hello Monday, hoping it is a good one where you are


It was a blustery, reading, reflection, family featuring weekend.

Very blustery weather with some bouts of rain that were heavy enough to capture on film – I’m fascinated by trying to capture photos of rain. When it wasn’t raining it was very windy which meant plenty of time with my book (Tanya French), a coffee, crochet and the TV. 

When I did venture out to the river I was rewarded with some lovely light on the water and great reflections. I also ventured for family dinner and laughter and circulating books.

Thanks to Sian for this lovely meme to get the week off to a good start.