Wednesday, July 23, 2014

zoom in on the wires

travelling by train to and from my volunteer role has provided me with plenty of overhead wires to scan for birds for one of the items in Rinda's scavenger hunt.  Since the hunt began and I've been looking for birds on a wire I've relaised that I rarely see overhead wires because the wires are underground in the urban areas.  So I was delighted to see so many lines along the rail routes.  Of course catghing a photo of birds on a wire while the train zips by is not going to happen.  So when I spotted a pigeo on the wire while I was sitting at the station waiting for the connecting train I had to snap it

what, you don't see the bird?  try zoomed in?  OK I've put on an arrow to help!  I'm hoping I'll find a better shot of birds  on a wire before the end of the hunt.

looking forward to seeing what everyone is sharing this week.  I'm still flat out with the volunteering (and commute) so my comment leaving has reduced but I am managing to visit everyone who shares.

Monday, July 21, 2014

summer scavenger hunt–update 2

I didn’t plan to share the items in numeric order but my recent finds are items 5 to 8, plus 18, as it happens


love how various overlaps with other summer projects and memes are popping up






making good progress, including 1 from my ‘eyes wide open’ category (tattoo) and 1 from my ‘will need to work on that’ category (waterfall).

Thank you Rinda for another great scavenger hunt list.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

zoom in on Nessie

this fabulous modern sculpture of Nessie graces the big square in the commonwealth athlete village - I'm anticipating observing some fun selfie and group shots on that bench in her middle

looking forward to seeing what you all have to share this week - I doubt I will be able to leave you all a comment as I'm blog reading on the train with my tablet and find that a less than stellar combo for comment writing - but I will visit them all and appreciate them

Monday, July 14, 2014

5 in 5 with a bit of whimsy

Joining in with Sandie’s monthly 5 in 5 challenge to take photos over 5 minutes and then share the best 5.  I thought I’d head into my garden for some shots and then decided to add some whimsy -


fighting a path through the mass of rocket


up the mint stalks to spy out the route to the strawberries


across the honeysuckle vines


down the apple tree


and finally enjoying the strawberries at the end of the expedition.