Friday, November 27, 2015

missing pair and anteaters

Back at my computer and looking through my holiday photos.

Here is my missing photo pair – looking left and right from the path above one of the coves in town – taken with my tablet (because I hoped I’d then be able to load the photos onto blogger).  They were taken at the same time but the colour of the sky looks very different – I’m guessing because I was looking towards the sun when looking left.


And one other peep into my holiday shots – by popular demand – the anteaters

I first saw the big fringed tail of something big disappearing behind a bump in the landscape


as far as I could tell the tail is always displayed like that.

They were constantly on the move – I think there was food hidden in their enclosure – and this is the most complete photo I managed


there were several of them – here I got one head on and another walking across the background


and one of the them nicely stretched up the tree – I suspect looking for food rather than posing


They really were unexpected -  in how big they are and how small their head is and how a big hairy tail goes with a smooth muscled front and how fast they move around.

I’ll be sharing more photos of Tenerife over the coming week, as I organise them into stories.

Have a great weekend – lots of rain forecast here but not cold enough for it to be snow.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pairs on holiday

Greetings from Tenerife.
Fabulous views of crashing seas and buildings covering the hills.
Three different seafronts where I am.  The harbour in the middle,  a long black sand beach to the left and to the right rocky coves then a surf beach squeezed between jaggy rocks.  All the rocks look volcanic.

My photo pair is from the paved walkway above one of these coves.  Looking left to the old town and looking right to the water.

You will have to imagine them for now.  I'll post them when l am back to my computer and reliable signal -I'm not sure which is stopping photos loading.

I'll be round to see all your pairs from this week and last week too once I'm back and unpacked.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Me on Monday in Tenerife

waving to you all while on holiday.  You will have to take my word for it as I can't load the photo of me with palm trees, nor the one taken from a sun lounger, nor the view down the hill to the sea taken from my balcony.

It was a weekend of lots of walking.  Along the waterfront on Saturday, watching surfers and swimmers and other strollers.  And looking in shop windows wondering who buys thise souvenirs. And sampling yummy cake - an advantage of the dominance of German tourists.

Sunday was a day of walking again but around a parrot park / zoo and dodging rain showers by taking advantage of the aquariums.  I was suprised by the herd of anteaters - they are big, like a red setter with a long nose.  Lots of colourful birds too and they were noisy, perhaps grumbling about the rain.

Enjoying walking aroundin a tshirt and shorts, even if I needed my rain cape on Sunday.  Overcast but still around 20C forecast for the rest of the week.  Could be a shock getting of the plane to 5C.

Hope you all have a good week

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pairs with light

Yesterday I actually saw some blue skies and the sun - welcome after days of rain and clouds.  I was enjoying the long shadows from the low light - the only time I have really long legs is in the shadows at this time of year!

So for my pairs an old one but a good one

I'll be off on my holiday by the time this posts - my ability to comment on your pairs will depend upon the reliability of the promised wifi at the hotel.