Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Zoom in on the breeze

I'm fascinated with ways of photographing the weather - probably prompted by rainy holidays and thinking of ways to make the most of what was there.  It has been sunny around here recently but also very windy - as you can see in the zoomed in shot with the horizontal ribbons on the handlebars blowing in the wind

anticipating some signs of Easter in this weeks zoom in and out pairs.

Monday, April 21, 2014

a fun day at the Maker Faire

my final visit to the Science Museum was the Makers Fair – rooms full of people who make things and want you to have a go too – how could I resist?

The first room I walked into had a group of ladies eager to help us use enamel to decorate a piece of copper for a broach or pendant.  I needed no prodding to take a seat and start choosing my 2 colours of enamel and a metal stencil to use to create the patter.  shake on the background, fire, position the stencil, shake on the 2nd colour, fire, let cool and I had a lovely pendant to wear.  These ladies were the first of several during the day who said ‘you do crafty things don’t you?’


then into the big room full of crafting – people planning wood, making rag rugs, spinning strips of newspaper into ‘yarn’.  I was tempted by a table with piles of felt and surrounded by people sewing – wandered over and the lady asked me if I wanted to make a parasite – how could I resist – I consider Ebola but settled for malaria.  These ladies are developing educational materials for education on parasites which led to making parasites from felt and they told me they are developing crochet patterns for leaches, tics and mosquitoes too !!


The next room was full of computery makes – flashing lights, underwater vehicles, movement turned into light and noise, 3D printers.  I enjoyed playing with the effect of a big time delay video feed on the wall – a few seconds after you move it plays 2 versions of your movement with a few seconds between and in different shades of grey.  So I was able to take a photo of me taking a photo


next was a delightful group of Chinese origin ladies who were teaching traditional flat knot to make a dragonfly – I was pleased to see a group of young men at the table enjoying learning this craft alongside all young girls and women


My final make was with the re-cycle, repair, up-cycle group who had a fascinating stall and were showing us how to make an accordion book from re-cycled paper.  I included the printed sheet with my ticket for the event as one of my pages – seemed appropriate.


I thoroughly enjoyed all the making and talking to people who are excited to make things.  I’ve collected several fliers and cards to follow up on projects and workshops.  5 hours satisfyingly spent.

Maker Faires are a global thing – if you see one advertised near you I’d highly recommend it

Friday, April 18, 2014

Liberated art

Over the past few weeks I’ve enjoyed receiving postcards from various artists thanks to Kat’s wonderful Liberate Your Art annual postcard swap, and now we are sharing our experience and cards on a bloghop over several days

First to arrive was this wonderful seascape from David Morel


then a fabulous bird from Kate


and some seagulls from Patricia


a week later Charlotte’s celebration of the Year of the Horse arrived


followed by the disco queen collaged bird from Lisa


and then Kat’s beautiful autumn leaves


All sitting on my bookshelf and prompting a smile when I walk past them.  Thank you Kat for organising this lovely swap and to all the artists whose cards I received.

I loved receiving the cards and making contact with each person and visiting new blogs and photo collections.  I really appreciate the new connections from the liberated art.

But my experience has not been 100%.  I can’t help feeling disappointed that I have not received a single contact from people who received my cards.  Last year I heard from 2 of the 5 and was disappointed.  This year I have not heard from any of them.

Am I wrong in expecting an e-mail from the people who receive my cards?  I’m interested in the broader practice – if you participated in the swap, how many acknowledgment e-mails did you receive?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

zoom in x 40

Another find at the science festival - its is school holidays so I had to do a bit of elbowing to get my spot at the table experimenting with magnification.  They had set up stands with the magnifying lens from a laser pointer which can be used with a smart phoen to produce a magnified image on the screen.

I only had my camera with me but had a play anyway and after much moving of the lens and camera I managed some shots which show the magnification
this speciminis a leaf.  Great fun looking at different materials and amazing what you can do with simple materials.
welcome to some new people zooming in and out last week and of course a big hello and thanks to all the regulars