Monday, August 3, 2015

me on Monday

Happy August everyone.  Enjoying some sunshine here, although it is also windy (good clothes drying weather).

It was a quiet weekend – missing the German baker who was not at the market this month, but appreciating that the vegetable man had flowers (and the bunch included mint so smells lovely)


on Friday we had a tasty visit to a new food festival, including a talk and tasting session on local smoked fish (hot smoked trout a big thumbs up – smoked squid not so sure) followed by some very tasty filled doughnuts (kumquat ricotta) and happy in the knowledge they are from a shop so we do not have to rely of fairs to enjoy them.  Interesting how filled doughnuts are so popular at the moment – not that they are popular but that it is suddenly seen as something you can devote a whole stall to.  

And to continue the tasty theme – I picked another big bowl of raspberries from my garden but only a few strawberries as most seem to have already been sampled by insects or birds. 

Hoping you all have some sweetness in your week – of the baked, fruit or other variety!


Sian said...

I do love the sound of the hot smoked trout. Yum. Filled doughnuts - you're right, they aren't traditional round here at all. Locally, it's ring doughnuts, just dusted with sugar, nothing else.

Have a good week! I was telling my Mum about your sensory bracelets yesterday.

Patio Postcards said...

My what a treatful week - thankfully for my diet fresh fruit is abundant and I stay out of bake shops :) Hope your week is delightful.

Prairie Jill said...

Oh, what beautiful flowers! And I love the idea of including mint.

Waving back at you!

Sandie said...

Hot smoked trout - sounds good! We have a local smoker that I have not visited yet, but I bought some smoked garlic and cheese at the farmers market.
This post made me hungry!