Friday, August 7, 2015

July was


As usual there are lots of swans on the river – unusually they were not just at the river mouth, due to a particularly high tide, which made them easier to photograph.

In July I read 5 books on my kindle – 4 of them scifi and the other a crime but actually all were predominantly about friendship and unrequited love set against different backdrops. 


I read 3 old scifi books from a website that is saving old scifi as e-books before they disappear

Judgement Night by C L Moore (a collection of stories)

The man with 6 senses by Muriel Temple – written in 1920s and interesting as social history as much as for the scifi element

Four sided triangle by William Temple – written in 1940s and again interesting as a reflection of the times as well as the imagined part

My favourite book of the month, which I read completely on my train journey to London was Every Day by David Levithan.  It is labelled as teen fiction – because the main characters are 16 – but I really enjoyed the premise and the character descriptions.  I’ve read reviews of it and people seem to love it or hate it – I loved it and would recommend you have a look if you are comfortable with an unusual situation which is unexplained but provides the basis for the story that unfolds.

I was also busy with my crochet hook and finished my jumper


It is indicative of the cool weather we had throughout the month that I spent a ‘summer’ month making an autumn jumper.  I then went on to make some slippers – but as I finished them in August I’ll show you them in my August summary.

I also framed some pieces of embroidery that had been made by my Aunt which I found when I was sorting through her sewing stash for my Uncle (my aunt died 4 and a half years ago).  I’m delighted to have a piece of her work on my wall (I have the poppies)


And I decorated some terracotta pots for my sister’s birthday gift – she has a large collection of succulents in her conservatory and is always in need of new decorative pots.   I used the fabulous bronze metallic sharpie – the ink went on very easily – they are my favourite metallic pens by a long way as they do not clog or leave blobs and the colour and sheen is great


Overall July was a busy month but I’ve already shared my other exploits – trip to London, crochet at the gallery and crochet chain, jazz and food festival and produce from my garden.

To finish my favourite shot not already shared – I saw these nasturtiums escaping through a perfectly blue fence and just has to stop for a photo



Sandie said...

So much here I don't know where to start Helena! The thing that sticks in my mind is the stunning nasturtium through the blue fence - what a lovely contrast. It would make a beautiful card.
I love your jumper - it has been chilly enough here too some evenings to wear something warmer. I do admire your crocheting, I impressed myself the other weekend when I picked up my small blanket that I have been working on for the past 3 years. I only bring it out when I go camping with my daughter so have to reteach myself how to do it as I have never grasped crocheting in the same way as knitting. But after a few false starts I was off! Yay! I don't anticipate making a jumper but I will keep adding to my blanket. Who knows, it might cover my knees one day!
You have a lot of swans on the river, some lovely shots and look forward to seeing what August brings.

Sian said...

Sandie's right: it would make a beautiful card.

I love your jumper..makes me want to go and look out a book my Mum gave me about "crochet jumpers in a weekend". I didn't believe it possible at the time, but I'm getting faster lol

Hope August is a great one, with lots of creative possibilities

Miriam said...

What a busy and colourful month! Swans and sweater are beautiful but of course the fabulous seaside blue fence and brilliant orange nutrition is absolutely wonderful.

Patio Postcards said...

I'm in with the other ladies about creating a card (series) from the escaped nasturtiums. Wonderful find. Your Aunt did some lovely creative work.

Eileen T said...

I also think it would make a beautiful card. The embroideries are wonderful - it's lovely that they are framed and on display and are a constant reminder of your auntie.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

great looking jumper :D

what is the site with old scifi books on it? trying to read older scifi lately :)

Barbara said...

A very productive month, well done for finishing your jumper, it looks warm. I love the last photo of the nasturtiums.

Prairie Jill said...

Wow! What a great month - so many fun projects and experiences. I love the way your jumper turned out, and I really love that last photo of the nasturtiums. The colours and mood are beautiful.