Thursday, April 8, 2010

what season is it?

Even though I moved from Scotland to New Zealand 20 years ago,I still associate April with SPRING even though down here in the Southern hemisphere it is clearly AUTUMN.

I’ve been thinking this as I watched trees turn brown and kicked through leaves while eating easter eggs.  This was perfect inspiration for the weekly scrapping challenge – this week the challenge was to use yellow and as an extra challenge use elements from one kit. 

I thought this would be easy because I’ve sorted my digi elements by colour.  But I don’t have a yellow category, just orange.  So I browsed blogland and found a free digi kit which was mostly yellow from K Lund. I used a template from paislee pressplate (No 13) and a date stamp from LLL creations and here is the result.

yellow season

How much yellow do you have in your stash?

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Elizabeth said...

Love the layout and seeing spring crossed out and replaced by autumn. Nice humor there!

Actually, I have quite a bit of yellow in my digi stash but even more orange. My palette tends to be comprised mostly of earth tones. I was just never into bright primary colors.

humel said...

Great layout - I don't think I'd ever be able to get my head round April being in autumn either!

I don't have much yellow and what I have has mostly been there ages as I don't use it much - unless I'm making rainbows lol!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Cute layout!

Yellow is not one of my go to color but it seems to pop up in a lot of color schemes in digi kits lately so I have more of it than I thought, especially spring themes.