Friday, April 2, 2010

I can

i ca blogn

This layout is the result of several ideas that I’ve come across in my blogging over the last week.

Subject prompted by the Designer digitals challenge in ‘all about me’ called ‘I’m so good’.  One of the layouts from the design team listed things I can do.

Template was free as part of the Designer digital template challenge – created by Katie Pertiet

Scrap weekly challenge was to use a grid and I’ve been playing with 12 x 6 pages too.

So it all came together in this layout.  Background is colour and texture from within PSE.  Fonts are Bradley Hand and Rub this.

Words on photos are: memorize things; match colours; speak in public; touch type, heal fast, linedance. 

No particular reason for this list of 6, I jotted down things that came to mind and then cut down that list to this 6 because I then had the idea of using photos of part of me related to the task.

I did try pattern paper – big dots, small dots, flowers, stripes.  But I again found the patterns distracting as the background and so went back to my normal textured solid colour.  This is the first time I’ve used digital stitching and sorry I can’t remember where I picked up this free stitching file.  I am not much more careful at recording sources of digi materials.

What things would you have on your list that you can do?

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Elizabeth said...

Hmmm, that's a tough one for me. I'll have to think on that one for a bit. Like your choices though.

Deb said...

I love this idea for a layout, Helena! Gosh...I'd have to think about my list - yours seems to have come quickly to you. :o) I can touch-type too!!! Can't linedance and I hate to speak in public, so I'm envious. [wink]

Have a great weekend!

Sian said...

This is a fabulous idea..I'm certainly going to think about it. I can't touch type, that's for sure (wish I could though..)

Challengers said...

A fab layout, love the way you've used picturesof yourself to highlight the different statements.
I'd agree with your memorise things, speak in public and dance, not sure about my others though

humel said...

I've been having a lovely catch up on your blog :-) This is such a great idea for a layout! I have a feeling my list would be a bit silly... Might just have to give it a go! x