Thursday, April 22, 2010

week in the life - Thursday

Went to see a production of King Lear last night so did not process yesterday’s photos before going to bed.  Play was excellent – but it is a very sad play – no photos of it but have a review and ticket to include in my paper and printed bits page.

Rest of the day was at work and that is what most of the photos are about.

Walking to the bus there was incredible low light and big grey clouds – loved the colour combination – I think it would be good combo to decorate a room.

On Wednesday photos Mel asked what my breakfast is. 

The small cup at the front has nut and grain yoghurt – I’m using a cup for a bowl because the only bowls here are really big (I’m in leased accommodation so the buying choices are not mine).  The black thing if my fantastic travel coffee plunger – I always take it when I travel so I can start the day with nice coffee.  The fruit at the front is a mandarin. 


Elizabeth said...

The trees against the dark sky are amazing!

humel said...

Ah, thank you :-) I was intrigued by the yogurt in particular, I couldn't guess what it was at all!!

I've seen a couple of productions of King Lear (both outdoors, coincidentally!) It is a fantastic play, but yes, it is sad.

The colours of the trees in that third shot are amazing, but I'm also drawn in by the sky - fabulous photo xx

Anonymous said...

beautiful shots of the trees, helena!