Monday, April 26, 2010

Week in the life day 7

For my big picture I used the wonderful colours in the autumn leaves

day 7 big picture

From the same walk is this one of the fruitbat colony

Opportunistic for my daily self-portrait

25th April is special in Australia and New Zealand

Today (Monday) is a public holiday – in lieu of ANZAC day so I will be able to get all of the photos printed today and make a start of putting them into the album and adding some of the black and white stickers I’ve got for this project.


Lizzie said...

The last day of your "Week in the Life". I hope it has been a good week for you, Helena. The posts you have published have been so interesting and the photos were great.
I like that you have included several photos of yourself - lots of people are shy of their own photos in their scrapping/albums. It's nice that you have recorded your week with some pictures of you!
"Mateship" - there's a new word for me! Happy ANZAC Day!

humel said...

Oh, fab :-) I wondered what ANZAC Day was, Amy had mentioned it - what a lovely idea! xx

d said...

Glad to see the return of pictures of 'the feet' Mum