Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Photobooth fun from your own home

Remember the photobooths where you get a strip of 4 photos – great fun cramming several friends in and making funny faces?

Well there is a site that lets you create the same thing from your own home, using the webcam camera on your computer.

photocabine2It's a French site called photocabine.  The instructions are in French but if you remember the old booths its easy to follow:

1. click on the arrow to enter the booth

2.  when you are happy with lighting, pose etc press the red button and it takes 4 photos, with a flash effect

3. click on the strip of photos for options – the 1st one ’telecharger’ with the picture of the old floppy lets you save as a jpeg. 

You can have them in black and white or colour, for the authentic look – most of the strips I remember from my teens were black and white.

Great fun and lots of potential for use on pages and projects. 

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humel said...

Oh, clever! Thanks for the link :-)

Elizabeth said...

Looks like lots of fun but every time I try it my computer locks up. Maybe the site is just experiencing a lot of traffic so I'll try later.

Lizzie said...

What fun! I may just do this....
Thanks for sharing!

Rachel B said...

Wow, thanks for sharing. I'm off to play......