Sunday, April 18, 2010

photo a day week 15

strong autumn feel to this week’s set.  Gearing up for week in the life starting on Monday – 7-9 photos a day all week – interested to see how I find it.

photo a day 15

1. Kakuru – enjoy the brain challenged as long as I have the table of possible combinations

2. Vegetables to roast – real autumn collections

3. Walk down ‘Black Mountain’ (hill really)

4. berries in profusion on the hedges

5. Cockatoo eating nuts and cones

6. grass covered in fallen leaves

7. big shadow – on walk to work sun was directly behind me


Lizzie said...

It seems so funny to me, here in UK, to see Autumn pictures. I have been posting pictures of the Spring flowers in my garden this week!

A lovely week's worth of pictures here!

Elizabeth said...

Great photos for this week. Really like the one for Black Mountain.

humel said...

I love those Kakuru puzzles! Lovely autumnal shots xx