Saturday, April 24, 2010

week in the life – Friday evening

Friday during the day at work was much the same as Thursday so I concentrated on photos of the evening.

First a pair while going home – they are taken 35 minutes a part and show how fast it gets dark – sunset at 5.31 yesterday – probably the part of autumn and winter I dislike the most (along with getting up in the dark)






and then my dinner: lamb, mushrooms and potatoes in korma followed by pawpaw and walnut and apple log – all yum






Enjoying the project but glad it is just a week – kind of takes over thought processes and impacts on choices.


Deb said...

Great photos of the evening action here. I thought about doing this project but didn't think I'd truly be able to keep up with it. I'm impressed with your dedication! Only two more days and you're done! I've enjoyed seeing your photos so I, for one, am glad you did it. :o)

Sian said...

What Deb said! Seriously, you're doing a great job; and you're nearly there!

humel said...

And ditto from me too :-) But I know what you mean about how it can take over - I'm finding that a little with Project 365, and that's only one photo a day! It'll be so great when you've finished, though xx