Monday, April 26, 2010

photo a day week 16

managed to choose a photo each day as well as doing week in life – sometimes a photos that I did not use for the weeks album.

photo a day16

1. glass of New Zealand sauvignon blanc – my favourite wine

2. marking the TV programmes I want to watch – a Saturday ritual I enjoy

3. went to the zoo – loved this iguana

4. nice to see galahs and cockatoos together

5. I like working in cafes

6. shock to my morning routine – the bus stop was closed for roadworks

7. another morning shock – a parrot I had not seen before – long billed corella


Sian said...

Now I know what a galah looks like! It's one of those words I heard during my wasted youth watching Neighbours and now I know what it is :) Great montage Helena!

Lizzie said...

Ooh, look at that lovely Corella! How beautiful! The Iguana at the zoo was pretty fab too - we like reptiles in our house.
LOL the bus-stop closed for roadworks... a bit much first thing in the morning eh? Hope it stopped further along the road and you didn't have to walk it!

humel said...

lol - like Sian, I'd heard of galahs from episodes of Neighbours watched years ago!! Good to see some at last! Another great collage :-)