Monday, February 2, 2015

me on Monday

hello dear blog readers, hope this finds you well

I had a re-boot kind of weekend as I shook off the last of my cold that had kept me in a zombie state for most of the week. With the return of my brain it was a weekend of tidying and laundry and lists.

But my rebooted brain also wanted to create and play so there was also some time for pixel magic, playing with some photos of bare branches and water

pixel magic 20 jan 2

and – sure sign I was well again – I had a yearning to crochet an amigurumi figure and given that I have been binging on Doctor Who (the David Tennant years) I searched for an appropriate pattern – part of the amigurumi thing is a geekiness and making characters from popular culture.  I wasn’t grabbed by patterns for a dalek or the TARDIS but this one had me reaching for my grey wool and crochet hook – I realise it will mean nothing to you if you are not a Doctor Who watcher (you can find the pattern here)


Hope you all find some time to play creatively this week.  Big thanks to Sian for prompting us to wave on Monday


Sian said...

I love the Dr Who crochet!

It always surprises me ..when getting better makes things seem easier again, then you realise how under the weather you actually were.

Have a great week!

Miriam said...

Waving to you. I love the little crocheted figure. (not a Dr.W fan} But I am a fan of your crocheting skills. Oh! and the pixel magic is fabulous and has tempted me to play with the hundreds of pics of bare branches I have.

Prairie Jill said...

Oooh, those Weeping Angels are scary! But I love the crocheted version. Speaking of David Tennant: I'm really enjoying him in the second series of Broadchurch. It's so well done.

Glad to hear you're feeling better and back to your creative fun.

Waving to you!

alexa said...

Your pixel magic is very beautiful and I would happily pay to buy cards like that or have it on a wall! Good ti hear you are recovering ...

Sandie said...

I love the colours and design of the digital photo Helena, stunning! It is a work of art I could hang on the wall to brighten my day.