Friday, February 13, 2015

5 in (1)5

We enjoyed lovely blue skies and sunshine at the weekend so my Dad suggested a drive along the coast, which I thought would be an excellent place to take photos to join Sandie for February's 5 in 5 – although this time it was not on the 5th and I took photos over 15 minutes – but I am sharing 5 photos.

We start our walk in the car park on top of the cliff at Gullane with fabulous views over the beach


the buckthorn berries are paler this year but still fabulous and abundant


it was windy so we walked along a path between sand dunes which provided lovely images of grasses against the sky


and birds gossiping on the tree tops


and then back up to the cliff top and past the row of benches which would be full in summer but too windy to stay still today, despite the sunshine


thank you Sandie for a monthly prompt to take lots of photos and pick 5 to share.


Maggie said...

What lovely pictures! Looks like a scenic bit of coastline especially at this time of year when there is is no one about!

alexa said...

Wonderful windy walk, which I have much enjoyed taking with you - and I like your phrase 'gossiping in the trees'. Do you ever eat the buckthorn? There is a very similar-looking berry on the shore where my son lives and I think he said they were edible ...

Sandie said...

This is my favourite kind of walk, along the water with the grass heads and 'gossiping' birds - how I love that description! :)
Walks like this are always invigorating, and what beautiful beaches and views you have.
Thank you so much for joining in Helena, I always look forward to seeing your photos and you never disappoint.

Miriam said...

I love your gossiping birds, I say they are chattering, but I like gossiping instead. The grasses are my favourite of your wonderful five. You have reminded me to link mine up with Sandy!

debs14 said...

Lovely photos. Your postcard to me arrived safely, thank you so much.

Prairie Jill said...

Oh my, that's beautiful!