Friday, January 30, 2015

winter photo scavenger hunt–January finds

I’m joining Joy and Elaine for their winter scavenger hunt and this month made a concerted effort to find some items, happened upon others and realised I’d got others when looking through my photos.

So this month I give you


3 – an ornate door knocker – I had to keep a good eye out for this as I realised once I started looking that few doors in Edinburgh have knockers


5 – something over 100 years old – this fine granite building was built in the 1830s as Marschial College which later became part of the University of Aberdeen – it is now the headquarters for Aberdeen city council. The tower at the end is not in shadow – it is darker because it was not cleaned during recent renovations as that tower has different owners who were not willing to / could not afford to pay for the cleaning


13 – stained glass window – OK I’m bending meaning a bit here as these are stained glass panels in the window of a gallery


17 – texture from the crochet stitch I was using to make a striped scarf and I liked how the stitch looked up close in the different yarns


18 – shadow of me and some trees on a sunny day early in the month – I do enjoy the long shadows from the low sun at this time of year.

I just counted up and I rather neatly have exactly half of the items at this half way point.  Now I need to find a building site and a fish and decide what I want to use for winter weather.


Maggie said...

I like the door knocker. I am sure if I had one like that it wouldn't get polished much! Some good finds. Doing well!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I have 14 of 20, plus the two alternates. Haven't blogged all of them yet, but since it runs until March I'm feeling pretty good.
Have to start keeping a look out for the building under construciton.

Miriam said...

Love love love the long shadows. When I was in Dunster last, I noticed some fabulous ornate door knockers and took a whole series of pictures of them. Now that I want one they are amazingly hard to find.

Prairie Jill said...

Great photos!

Sandie said...

Nice shots Helena, I love long shadows too. The yellow building is a wonderful colour, I'm not sure if it is a reflection.

Beverly said...

Love the granite building and the contrast in the two.