Monday, February 16, 2015

Me on Monday

Waving to everyone with my two latest postcards for the Postcard Pile – from Katie and Sonja, thank you both for lovely mail. And an extra thank-you to Sian for giving me a reason to listen out when I see the postie out the window.


Sure signs of spring around here with plenty of snowdrops and yellow crocuses in the garden (why are the purple ones later bloomers?). Also signs of twitterpated birds in the garden and by the river. 

Another sure sign of spring in the UK is the 6 Nations rugby tournament taking up significant hours of TV watching during the weekend afternoons – I only watched 2 of the 3 matches this weekend and was pleasantly surprised at the smallness of the Scotland losing margin (hoping for a win takes more optimism than I have!).

The weather was seasonally mixed too – heavy fog on Saturday and bright blue skies on Sunday.  The fog really was heavy this time


Wishing everyone a great week with pancakes on Tuesday and the start of the Chinese year of the Sheep on Thursday.


Jane said...

It was a lovely weekend here and the birds were very active. Have a great week x

alexa said...

And thank-YOU for introducing me to a new word 'twitterpated' which I have had to google :). And wishing you a happy and I-think-it's-nearly-Spring feeling right back ..

Eileen T said...

I completely missed the rugby! I didn't turn the TV on once this weekend. I love your foggy day photo.

I've joined in with Me on Monday this week.

Sian said...

I always think of you when I watch the rugby :)

I'm glad you postcards are making the sound of the letterbox a merry one. Have a great week Helena!

Alison said...

Yes, Spring is springing here too..the almond blossom is appearing at last and the smell on the breeze today was absolutely divine! Xx

Prairie Jill said...

Waving back at you! (And feeling just a bit envious that spring is there already! Still cold and snowy here. Sigh.)
Have a wonderful week!

Maggie said...

There is nothing more exciting than post through the door.

Miriam said...

Waving to you on Wednesday. Gorgeous foggy photo.
Twitterpated? Love it! Purple crocuses are later than yellow because there is much more colour to squeeze out ;)

Anonymous said...

I was quite surprised on the ship there were no pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Guess it's not an American thing.