Friday, February 6, 2015

January was

January was a typical month for reading – 5 books completed, 2 on my Kindle, and I thoroughly enjoyed all of them.  Having read some reviews of the third in the Divergent series I’ve decided to stop after 2 and imagine my own conclusion for the main characters.


I abandoned another book after a day when the only character I liked was killed off and I couldn’t remember which of the others were goodies and baddies.

January was productive crochet wise as I made 5 hat and scarflet sets for a local homeless charity.  all constructed from rectangles so easy to make while half watching the TV – especially shows that could really be radio like most news and lots of quiz shows.


January was a month of meeting old school friends who I haven’t seen for 30+ years and then chatting for hours about then and now and points in-between. Interesting how much our outlook and values still align, even on topics I’m sure we never discussed as teenagers.


January was a month of bought flowers and bulbs in pots as the garden remained green – but not white as we had only the smallest dustings of snow.

January was a month of wearing gloves and a hat and boots when I went out.  But not so cold that I didn’t want to go our for a daily walk – except on the 6 days when I had a heavy cold and lived on my sofa.

January was a month of fabulous low, golden light creating some wonderful views over the water, providing great shadows and reflections and providing plenty of camera opportunities.  This is one of my favourites – the glow of the sun caught on a flock of gulls being fed by the water



Maria Ontiveros said...

Love your description of the abandoned book! NO reading for me. Too many pod casts and still lifes.

Sian said...

A lovely way to round up the month.

Those hat and scarf sets look great. They'll be much appreciated I'll bet

Miriam said...

I love those gulls! your picture is really very beautiful.
Well done on the crocheting front.

Karen said...

The light in the last photo is so gorgeous! I managed to read four books last month, and was quite pleased with myself! I won't do as well this month for a variety of reasons.

alexa said...

That last photo is just stunning ... And I am mega-impressed by your crocheting quota!

Sandie said...

Gosh you have been busy reading! A lovely round up, the gulls are lovely in the light and the blue sky is hopefully a taste of brighter days to come. As for your crocheting, I am super impressed. I wish I could crochet a granny square without it being a labour of love!

Alison said...

Sounds like a good month...except for your cold of course! Great capture with the gulls xx