Monday, February 23, 2015

Me on Monday

waving to you all with another 2 postcards from the postcard pile swap


The canal boats are from Krafty Karen and the dreaming swallows from Liz – a Scot now in USA – thank you both for lovely cards.  Just one more to receive.

On a blustery Monday I’m

doing my sign language class homework of preparing some sentences about a famous deaf person (I chose Jack Ashley who was the first deaf politician here),

and enjoying the site of spring bulbs in bloom out of the window – the purple crocuses have gathered the energy to emerge in their deeply coloured glory (thanks for that image Miriam!)


hoping you all have a great week and thanks to Sian for this Monday bloggy gathering


Ruth said...

This has been a great swap, hasn't it? I had to smile, because I gave Liz that postcard as part of a selection from Paperchase for Christmas. From West London to Texas, via Atlanta and then back to Scotland!

Sian said...

Oh good! More postcards! I note Ruth's comment with a smile.

I remember Jack Ashley. I always admired him immensely. have a great week!

Starnitesky said...

It is lovely to see the spring flowers starting to bloom. You received some pretty cards.

Alison said...

Having been in Paperchase only two days ago, and having bought the very same card, I knew EXACTLY where Liz had got her card from! Xx

Prairie Jill said...

Waving back to you from snowy Winnipeg! It's so nice to see flowers!

Liz said...

I thought I should use the postcards I got from Santa (via London & Altlanta)!! Glad it arrived :0)

Anonymous said...

So nice to see the crocus peeping out - it's going to be awhile before we see that here.