Friday, September 13, 2013

oh yes that sounds fun

‘Fancy a challenge?’ was the intriguing subject in an email I received from blogfriend Miriam at the end of July

She was thinking of creating a piece using crochet chains, like those she had seen in wall hanging and wondered if I wanted to play along too during August.  I’m always ups for a creative challenge so said yes

Creating the chains was the easy, and very relaxing, part.  The simple process of creating a long, long chain was so relaxing and a relief to not be counting stitches or checking the hook was through the correct part of the previous row. 


I decided to use 2 main colours and a pale background to create some abstract design because I wanted to experiment and get a feel for how the chains would look.  I went for a montage of rectangles and filled each in differently to see how different approaches looked


I like that just changing from vertical to horizontal rows gives a different effect


I liked mixing the two and using a pattern where both colours are a continuous line

I like the texture that the chains provide and how snuggly they nestle together


Creating this small sample I had plenty of ideas to use in a bigger piece.  I think some circles would be fun and some freeform shapes.  I’d also like to try using different weight yarn and different size crochet hooks to vary the thickness and texture of the chains.  Definitely a technique I will be using again – thanks to Miriam for the challenge

Pop over to see what Miriam created for this challenge.


Miriam said...

How many wow!'s would be enough? I just love what you have created, the colours and the design work perfectly together. I am so impressed Helena, I love it..You are so good at explaining how you did it too. Thanks again for joining in. I want to do another piece now!

Sian said...

What a beautiful piece this has turned out to be. Those heathery colours I know you love (and I do too)

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

I love that your designs really reflect you as an artist, Helena. Leave it to you to take the abstract way and run with it. Your pieces are really fun to look at, and I love the colors you chose.