Monday, September 9, 2013

and the hunt goes one

as we near the 21st September and the end of Rinda’s Summer Scavenger Hunt 2013 I have 2 photos to share, 2 still to capture (which I’ll share in my layout of all items in Rinda’s final linky) and a a plan to continue hunting

First my last 2 captures of theatre and civil building – spoilt for choice for both in Edinburgh




And now I’d like some assistance please in creating an urban vist list.

I’m going to be visiting two large and very different cities over the next few months.  I’ll be working but will have time to wander and explore.  I have visited both before and done the big tourist items.  Having seen how many items JimJams collected in a day visiting Copenhagen and knowing how much I enjoy the summer challenge and how it encourages me to notice different things I thought that I would create a list of about 20 items to use in these 2 cities and I’d be happy if I collected 10 of the list.

I’ve pulled some items from Rinda’s lists

* outdoor market

* tower

* a person dancing or playing music

* a historic landmark

* building for workship

* person in national dress

* flag


and have some ideas

* skyline

* doorway

* feet

I need some other ideas and I’m not going to tell you which cities they are to avoid that having an impact.  What do you like to capture or see in cities? 


Amy said...

What a great idea Helena - you could include transport, graffiti/billboards, local cuisine, what people wear on their head ie sunhats or beanies etc.
Gosh, the list could be endless!

Miriam said...

Hello Helena, catching up with you today.
This I know is perfect! and it works for me too.
You know, I love the wind turbines because it seems such a wonderful way to harness that power! I wish people would look at them in a different way instead of complaining about them in their NIMBY way

The bunting is stunning! And the crochet things are lovely. I finished my project using just chain stitch: I’ll post about it next week.
One day I will get to the Fringe.
I loved your changing season observation and your water image is wonderful.
Images in cities I like to photograph: wall art or urban art and when I visit a city I always think they have nice places to sit and people watch. So outdoor seating might be interesting. I like Amy's idea of headgear.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Oooh - how exciting!
I thing you should look for a bridge; a fountain; a group of local people relaxing together outside; a tram, train or bus stop; and a piece of public sculpture.

Sian said...

Very exciting!

I know library was on Rinda's list last year, but I'm going to suggest it because I think you can tell a lot about a place by its library. Also a few shots through shop windows..cheaper than going in and gives you a real flavour of what the people like

alexa said...

My first thought was a peek at shop windows or through shop doors, or shop signs. How about headgear? Postboxes? Newspaper or news stand? Bus? Things you see people carrying? How people carry children - on the hip? In a blanket over their back? In a pushchair?