Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bangkok on show

Driving in from the airport one of the first things I noticed were massive posters of the royal family outside buildings, on arches over the road and on hoarding at the corner of street junctions


flags were prominent too


As well as revering their monarchy, Thais are very proud of their democracy and given that I work in elections I had to visit the democracy monument when I spotted it on the tourist map


Big monuments and statues are everywhere in many forms.  Shaped trees seem very popular and I watched a guard trim these with scissors in the museum grounds.


Fearsome statues flank the doorway to most wats  And the love of large statuary seems to thriving in modern settings too with these fabulous trees standing in the entranceway to one of the big shopping malls and people queuing to take a photo in front of them.

Dotted throughout a massive market and eating park that we visited one evening (and where I took the up and down from yesterday) were several life size statues depicting life when that area was a bustling warehouse.  We couldn’t resist posing with the statues even though the light was not great for photos


The only musicians I spotted were also in a decorative panel


tomorrow some benches, bridges and public transport and a bonus item for the bibliophiles

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Miriam said...

Bangkok looks fabulous Helena, You look as though you had fun with those statues! I love that white tree.