Wednesday, May 19, 2010

spring is bursting out

Amazing lush growth everywhere – flowers and leaves and fruit – in my Dad’s garden.  This weeks challenge on scrap weekly was to make a layout featuring the seasonal plants. 

I’ve decided to experiment with some digi layouts that are not my normal simple and graphic style, because it is so easy to do different things when it is all using free digital elements. 

spring web

[template was part of the ScrapArtist birthday fun.  Pattern papers and stitching from Stuff to Scrap May blogtrain minikit by ScrapSis)

It is very different from my normal approach – things on an angle; photos overlapping; using pattern stitching. I have found that having a digi layered template makes it easier to experiment with a different style.  I  like how it looks.

For my next experiment with a different style I want to push myself to use a pile of different elements.

Have you experimented with different styles recently?

1 comment:

humel said...

I like it a lot :-) Well worth trying something different!

I often try new things - techniques or styles or whatever - often when I'm inspired by other people's blogs xx