Monday, May 3, 2010

making a digi minikit and free download

Since I started using Photoshop Elements I’ve downloaded lots of free kits and visited plenty of sites where people make and share kits.  A recent find was stuff to scrap forum which has a monthly colour challenge.  Each month they provide a colour palette and people design mini kits using those colours. 

Last month I picked up lots of nice stuff that had been made for the challenge.  At the weekend I decided to try my hand at making a minikit with the May colours.  In particular I wanted to make the kind of elements that I use – words.

Here is my first ever digi mini kit.  There are 3 12x12 papers and 15 elements (4 word twill, 2 journaling blocks, 5 phrases and 4 word tiles)

hc i'll wear purple kit

I called it I’ll wear purple because the colours reminded me of the poem by Jenny Joseph. I rather enjoyed seeing what I could do and think I’ll try their other May colour challenge for the end of the month.

If you would like the PSE digi files download them here

If you would like the elements as a word or a pdf document so that you can print them out to use then download them here

You can change them, use them etc but I would appreciate a comment and link if you use them.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Helena. I am at the age I think I'll start wearing purple and red. I've always loved that poem because it makes so much sense. The kit looks wonderful. When I use it, I send you a link.

Deb said...

This is great, Helena! You did a fabulous job with this, and very sweet of you to allow us to download your file. Just catching up with blogs I follow...your "week in the life" album below is awesome!!! Congrats on completing the project. :o)

humel said...

Wow, good for you! :-) I love that poem, and I love words, so this looks like a fab kit xx

aly said...

that's awesome, helena! great job!