Sunday, May 9, 2010

photo a day week 18

photo a day18

1. arm came off my glasses – love that opticians fix them for free

2. bunch of basil – wish I could record the smell

3. spent lovely afternoon making things on Photoshop Elements

4. autumn colour now dominates

5. at the airport again

6. evenings getting chilly so wearing slippers

7. pile of bribes/rewards for the people at my workshop

Most days I only took the one photo, for this project.  Unusual and I think a reaction to the intensity of week in the life.


Lizzie said...

Num, num, num... sweeties! Love the slippers and the gorgeous autumn colours. Basil is a wonderful herb - the smell is amazing!
It looks like a busy week, with broken glasses and plane trips - and also the sweets, once their significance is explained!
Hope you can have a restful weekend.

Elizabeth said...

Had to chuckle at the broken glasses. I just sat on my reading glasses and the screen is a bit blurry!

Deb said...

Fun photos, Helena! A friend of mine just gave me a pot of basil and it's growing in my kitchen window sill. I LOVE fresh basil!

BTW - I know you love feeding my turtles as much as I do...I've discovered that if you click them with your mouse you can move them around. :o)

humel said...

Oh, no! Poor glasses! Glad they got fixed OK :-)