Sunday, May 2, 2010

photo a day week 17

an eclectic mix – look blurred in this version but are clear individually.

photo a day17

1. my TV viewing for the evening

2. Biscuit aisle at the supermarket

3. entrance to the bridge over the mainroad leading to my walk in the park

4. working on my week in the life album

5. the weather map

6. very clear and low moon

7. energizer at the workshop – team version of rock, paper, scissors called Samson, Delilah and the Lion

Back into the routine of daily photos after the concentration during week in the life.

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humel said...

I always enjoy seeing these montages :-) That moon is beautiful! xx

Elizabeth said...

I always mean to take photos in the supermarket but there never seems to be an empty aisle! People already think I'm strange. I, too, always love seeing your photos.