Saturday, May 29, 2010

photo a day week 21

every photo in this set records an event rather than an item of routine, just happened that this week was like that.

Also a challenge for the project.  My sister’s dog of 15 years died, very sad and so quiet now without her.  For the photo a day project my dilemma was how to record the event.  I wanted her going to be the subject for the day’s photo but did not want to take a photo of her when she was unwell (and not looking herself). The project is about a photo on that day so I couldn’t just put in one I’d taken of her earlier, although she has featured earlier in the year.  I didn’t think a photo of her burial was appropriate either.  So I decided that I needed some evidence of her being around and took a photo of her food and water bowls – out for the last time.  Not something I had thought about having to deal with when I started this project.

Here is the collage for the week

photo a day21

1. unpacked some of the things that I have had in storage for a year

2. took part in the ‘All about me’ bloghop

3. viewed some properties for sale

4. sad day – Belle, my sister’s dog died, aged 15 – last time her food and water bowl are out

5. birthday flowers from my Nan

6. birthday malteaser cupcakes

7. celebration family dinner

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Elizabeth said...

Yum! The cupcakes look delicious and I'm sure they taste that way, too! Great photos--as usual.