Tuesday, May 11, 2010

colour swatch challenges

I love colour – individual colours and the magic of colour combinations.  I’ve been following a number of colour swatch challenges – often I collect the palette for future use and sometimes I create a page.

This layout uses the May colour swatch from design house digital

hc feed the birds web

(template Cathy Z from Design Your Life.  The rest created using PSE)

That is my hand holding the plate of apple while the birds eat. 

Other colour challenges I follow are stacy julians’ i love color and designer digitals colour challenge. 

Both designer digitals and design house digital have a range of other interesting challenges too.

comment tile


Elizabeth said...

Lovely photos of the birds. Very colorful!

humel said...

Ah, interesting idea! I love colour :-) Beautiful page xx

aly said...

nice page, helena! i'll have to check out those challenges. :)