Tuesday, May 25, 2010

is this addiction?

I’ve been using dingbats a lot recently and have been thinking I should do a post about that and list some of my favourites.  I will do that post later in the week. 

When I sat down today to decide how I would display the dingbats I kept being drawn to using a photoshop elements layered template – in other words to create a digi scrapbook page.  This has happened several times recently.  I start to think through the layered templates that I have as soon as I think about a story or idea that I want to tell.

I think I’m getting addicted to digi pages and layered templates.  But I haven’t made a page about that (yet!).  Anyway here is the dingbat page and I promise I will post telling you about these  7 and maybe some others later in the week.

i love dingbats web

Template by Kate Pertiet.  Title fonts – Happy for ‘dingbats’ and Just me down here for ‘i love’. 

Do you have phases of feeling addicted to a particular technique or crafting style?


Elizabeth said...

Yes, I like using grungy overlays on my digital layouts. Haven't tried dingbats yet but you just got me a bit curious about them.

humel said...

YES! lol! Not sure what it is at the moment, but often I look back at a few projects and realise that I've used the same technique or product on all of them... Love your dingbats, and your page :-)