Sunday, February 28, 2010

photo a day week 8

photo a day8

1 (Friday) ate my sandwich in the rose garden – lovely scent

2 When I saw this queue and learnt that it was about one and a half hours long I decided not to visit the art exhibition

3 Pile of books I’ve bought in last week, nice mix of escapism and real life

4 The work clothes part of my wardrobe

5 My work shoes and bag – yes I love purple

6 My favourite reality TV – So You Think You Can Dance (Australia)

7 Walking across the park to have dinner with friends saw I had a clear shadow – I like shadow photos.

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humel said...

I like shadow photos too :-) Oh, how I look forward to once again having enough sun to cast a shadow!!

Deb said...

I really like the way you document your week by doing a photo collage. The shadow shot is my favorite. :o)