Saturday, February 6, 2010

photo a day week 5

from 9am Monday until 6pm Thursday this is what I thought my collection for this week would look like
missing photo collage
Monday turned on my laptop and nothing happened.  Turned it off and turned it on again – still nothing.  Received wisdom was that the hard drive was dead and all would be lost. And I had not backed up photos all month. But when I returned from London on Thursday I was told that it was working again – just needed an external boot.  So I do have all the photos – great relief and feel as if my fifth limb has been returned.
collage end jan
enough sunshine for shadows on my morning walk; made Polynesian fish salad for dinner; glorious colour at dusk; no laptop; Big Ben (London); waiting in the corridor for the meeting; train at King’s Cross.
This week’s task – set up very regular back-up of photos. How do you back-up photos – online (in the cloud), on a separate hard drive or burnt to CD?
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Elizabeth said...

Bet you breathed a sigh of relief when you realized your photos were all there. They are too lovely to be lost.

humel said...

Oh gosh, scary experience!! So pleased for you that they were retrievable x

I usually use an external hard drive, and a supposedly automatic online back-up from my broadband provider (but I don't trust it, as last time I had a problem the back-up had missed a lot of my files!) I recommend the external hard drive option.

Karen said...

Well that's a terrifying prospect! I back up to an external hard drive, burned edited photos that I want to print to CDs and back up in the cloud as well. The site we use in the cloud is incredibly slow, so I never know what's really backed up. I started to get nervous about my external hard drive which is quite old, so last week got a 2TB external hard drive on sale. My husband plans to partition it so one section backs up photos and the other will use the Time Machine on the Mac which backs all the new stuff up as you go along. Sounds like I'm really protected, but all of it is right here in the house, and they say you should have some stored elsewhere. Glad to hear you were able to recover everything.