Sunday, February 21, 2010

Photo a day week 7

photo a day7

View out the window – on a plane all day; view from my Canberra home until Easter; rain – heaviest in 8 years; cockatoos on the way to work;  planning with post-it notes; intended to taka a photo of my rings but liked the shadow of me taking the photo so included that too; the busstop on the way to work


humel said...

Great variety :-) Love those post-its!! I'm a post-it addict! x

Lee said...

LOVE how you're keeping up AND posting.

(The comment project: I've followed the hyperlink in your name and followed it here to your blog. I cannot send a response directly to your e-mail. I've responded on my blog under the "reply" button in the comments section. I'm now going to respond by way of the e-mail sent to me. Hopefully something works! Thanks for helping me out!!)