Monday, March 1, 2010

Fabulous layered templates

Earlier this year I won the Helium template in Liberty Cottage's elements series

Here is the first layout I made with the template

and here is another that I did at the weekend - the template is so versatile

The great news is that the templates in the elements series are now for sale at a very reasonable 75p (in UK speak), and all the money goes to charity.  Hop over to the Liberty Cottage website to see all the details, including how to be in to win the set of the first 10 layouts.


Elizabeth said...

The layouts are wonderful and so are the photos. Looks like a versatile template.

Lizzie said...

This looks very interesting. How does the template work? Is it a pre-defined layout that you just "plug" your photos into?
Anyway, it has helped you produce two very attractive layouts.

humel said...

Oh, I remember that first one from when you'd just won it - the second one is fab too! x

Liberty :) said...

Thanks for doing this for me! I REALLY appreciate it! X