Monday, February 22, 2010

two more stories from my travels

over the weekend I did some more digi work with two more stories from my travels.  I really do find that I need a story before I can really settle on doing a layout.

the chair

Not sure how I managed to get the paperlace crooked when it is digi!

The template is from Cathy Z and the papers, paperlace and flowers are from Cuddlebeez (I changed the colours).

Journaling reads ‘  In Tonga hotel I thought I had found the perfect hotel chair – big enough to lounge in and comfortable.  But then at night  it was no good because there was no light near the chair.  In the Vanuatu hotel there was good light but I had to sit on the bed, which was OK for using the laptop.  On Tana the chair was rustic and not tat comfortable but it was big enough and when the electricity was on the light was good for reading.  Guess I better keep travelling to track down the hotel chair that ticks all the boxes.’


niue roads

Layout was scraplifted from this post by Amy.  The papers are plain colour and the ink ring is from karenika

Journaling reads

‘the road in Niue feels like a tunnel cut through the forest.  I felt that if it was left for a few years the forest would just grown back over and there would be no sign that people had been there.  I drove on every piece of  sealed road in Niue, and some of the ‘tracks’ as well, waving to every other driver, as is the custom.  Best roadtrip I’ve done - took most the morning!’

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Elizabeth said...

Wonderful layouts. I love to see other people's travel photos.

humel said...

Love the chair story lol - and the second layout is fab too x

Linda said...

what a great chair! Looks very comfy, shame about no light in the evenings though.

Liberty :) said...

These are both fab layouts!!! Lovely snaps too!