Monday, April 18, 2016

Memorandum Monday in 3D

Hello everybody and big waves on a blustery morning.

I had a fabulous new experience this week - a 3D party which involved a nice mix of techie geek, futurism and creativity. 

A lovely lady brought a 3D printer along to the house and set it printing while she talked about how it works. 

it took about 20 minutes to print this chain - fully interlocking links with no assembly afterwards - yes the printer can leave a small gap between the bits it prints and it can print a layer onto air - not just the platform or existing printing.  The flat layer at the bottom - called a raft - is broken off afterwards but is printed to provide a stable base for the shape. 

Good to be able to watch the printer at work without having to look over the heads of kids or past crowds as has been the case when I've seen 3D printers before at the science festival or makers faire.

Then we played with 3D pens - yes I know all pens are 3D in shape but these pens let you draw in 3 dimensions - they extrude plastic that dries immediately so you can draw on air - draw a line straight up - create a shape that will then stand up. 

The plastic comes in lots of lovely colours. 

I'd watched some videos and looked at images before hand and thought I'd make it easier for us all by printing out some basic shapes that we could use as templates - the dragons, sun, butterfly, paperclip and initials were all done this way.  Lots of fun and we all had a play.

This 3D party was our birthday gift to my Mum who is fascinated by 3D printers.  I came across the woman who runs the parties when browsing the people who would be at the makers faire and noticed she offered kids 3D parties so I contacted her and asked if she would do one for adults - and of course all family members were keen to be involved too.  She is now going to advertise that she will do adult parties too.  A fun new event enjoyed by all of us.

Hope you all have a good week


Maggie said...

What a lovely and unusual gift for your mum. I like those 3D pens. I could have some fun with those. What a good idea to think ahead and make some templates too.

alexa said...

How fascinating, Helena, to have seen one of these u close and had a play! And a great idea of the lady who owns the printer to offer parties with it, bringing technology closer to us in our own homes. Your Mum is a great role model for those of us growing older!

debs14 said...

3D printing fascinates me, it's so clever. My son's friend works somewhere that is developing 3D printing for use in the medical profession. Heart valves and the like - this is the future.
I have never heard of 3D pens though, that sounds great fun!

Sian said...

This sounds absolutely brilliant. I've always been fascinated by the sound of 3D printers, though I have never seen one in real life. The pens are a new one to me. What a great idea for a party.

Wishing you a good week

Patio Postcards said...

Well that looks like fun & what a great idea to host as parties. Our library was demoing a 3D printer a month ago - fascinating for sure.

Susanne said...

Oh I can imagine watching that with absolute rapt attention. What a fun thing!

Melissa said...

Wow, how wonderful to get to see the printer & those pens work in person. What a great idea for a party!

Jane said...

lucky you getting to see and use all that.

Ruth said...

A 3D printer party and 3D pens that can write on air? How marvellous! Do hope your mum loved it!

Karen said...

Friends of ours had their photo printed on a 3-D printer and sent us all an email with it. It was truly amazing!