Thursday, August 15, 2013

[scavenger ] hunt the tiger

I realised that I haven’t shared all of my scavenger hunt finds from last month.

I shared an up and down photo from the Highland Wildlife Park and mentioned that I had also saved one for the scavenger hunt.  The park had recently welcomed the birth of two tiger cubs and they were on public view with their mum – or at least they were in their enclosure but playing at the far end behind lots of trees and grasses. 


Another item that I knew where to find but needed a roadtrip to see were teh wind turbines on the hill between Edinburgh and where my parents and sister live.  There are two stopping places with great views so capture did not involve car windows or speed.


and while visiting family I decided that this was the bench for me


Only 4 more to capture and I know where to find them – just need to do it!


Amy said...

These are looking really great all together Helena - love the tiger, I think they would have to be my favourite 'jungle' animal.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

nice set of photos!

alexa said...

I do like that rustic bench :). And I agree with you about the wind turbines. If you only have four to go, you are doing well!

Jennie said...

Gosh you are doing really well -and I love the tiger - J x

Maria Ontiveros said...

These are great, and I still lvoe your template. I need to get to the zoo soon! Unfortunately the spring's baby animals have all gotten big I'm afraid.

Gail said...

Love that bench! I think the zoo one is one I'm going to have to substitute as we're just not going to get over there this year (it's on the other side of Toronto and I hate the highway but if we didn't take the highway it would take forever to get there. I definitely want to get there while the Pandas are still here though. My I did blather on didn't I?